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  • Post Jobs -  We distribute your job postings to and to the publisher network!
  • The network consists of over 25,000 partner sites that includes general and niche job boards, business sites, blogs and search engines.  The network consists of sites like:,,,  and etc.
  • Your jobs will be broadcast to the appropriate job boards to provide your postings with more avenues for traffic and qualified candidates.


Why Post Jobs With Us and  Use Our Job Posting Service?  



  • Candidate Reach  -  Indeed has over 150 million unique Job Seekers each month.  Job Posting Services are also available in 50 countries and 26 different languages.


  • Sponsored Advertising - When you post a job with us, we sponsor your ads. Your postings will appear with the “paid postings” and do not appear in organic listings.


  • Higher Visibility - Our job postings are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.     Job candidates can view job postings all of the time and at any time.


  • Flat Rate - We charge a flat fee for our postings, rather than pay per click pricing.  We feel this is a more affordable, and cost effective pricing option. 


  • Competitive Pricing - Prices are lower than other job boards


  • Applicant Tracking- Allows employers to keep track of job applicants.


  • Candidate Preparation- With both the job seeker and employer in mind we want job candidates to be prepared for the interview process.  We believe that providing companies with candidates that are prepared for the interview saves companies both time and money during the interview process. For this reason we encourage Job Candidates to utilize our Career Center as well as our resume writing service, coaching services, and video interviewing services.  We also want candidates to be successful in their job search and become employed.


          More Reasons To Post Jobs With Us



  • Large Audience - Job boards attract all types of candidates who will be viewing and applying to online job postings.    You will have everyone from Accountants, Executives, Marketing Personnel, Admin Assistants, IT and Medical Professionals and hundreds of other professionals seeking employment and applying to job postings online.


  • Cost Effective - We offer discounted, competitive, affordable posting options for a small investment with big results!   Placing an ad in a print publications such as a newspaper to advertise job openings can cost thousands of dollars.  Using a recruiter can also be an effective way for finding the right candidate, but recruitment agencies and recruiters can charge 20% or more of the candidate’s first year salary.   Using a recruiting agency for 1 job can be costly, but what if you had several positions that needed to be filled. Whether you have 1 job or several jobs open, you can advertise with us for only a small percentage of what you would pay for other recruiting options such as print publications or a recruiting agency.


  • Time Efficient Results - As soon as you post your job online, Job Seekers will be able to view and apply to the position.


  • Convenience – No need to leave your office. You can collect resumes from the convenience of your office.    Resumes can be delivered directly to your designated email address.    You can also view, and print resumes directly from your employer account.


  Posting Plans


  • Unlimited Text
  • Post Your company logo and/or photo
  • Add a link to your web site
  • Resumes delivered to your email address
  • Option to edit or extend ad
  • Create a free company profile
  • Job Import Option - Import multiple jobs at one time. Click Here for more information



  *To post jobs, and place an order, please log into your Employer Account and select a subscription plan.**





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Career Assessment Testing

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Sponsored Advertising


Indeed data shows that job seekers are up to 5 times (500%) more likely  to click on a sponsored job verses and organic one.





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20 Premium 30 Day Job Postings ($2,580.00)
25 Premium 30 Day Job Postings ($3,225.00)
30 Premium 30 Day Job Postings ($3,870.00)
35 Premium 30 Day Job Postings ($4,515.00)
40 Premium 30 Day Job Postings ($5,160.00)
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50 Premium 30 Day Job Postings ($6,450.00)

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