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The Best Interview Questions and Answers

Interviewer asking common interview questions and answers.jpg Below is a series of the best interview questions and answers. Nearly all interviews will have a few minutes dedicated to these questions. By practicing the answers ahead of time you will be able to gain confidence which will go a long way during the interview. When appropriate you should provide the employer with examples where you exercised these skills.  

Sample Interview Questions and Answers

Do you have experience in the field? This question is simply to establish experience, if any, in the particular field you are applying for. The interviewer knows if you have experience by reading the application but is asking again just to see what type of response you give. Be confident, direct, and do not display annoyance at repeating information.

What do you feel you can bring to the company? Again confidence is key here. This question is supposed to make you pause and think which will allow the interviewer a better look at your personality.

Tell me about yourself. Give only straightforward and relevant facts that center around the position you are applying for. You do not want bore the interviewer with your life story.

Why did you leave your last position?
Chances are you left your old job because you were just not making enough money. Since this is the case you may feel tempted to give just this answer. Instead, let the interviewer know that you are interested in advancing your career or that you are looking for career opportunities.

What do you believe is your greatest strength? This question is designed to let the interviewer see a side of you that goes beyond the information provided on the application. Do not be afraid to brag but avoid embellishing the truth here. Let the interviewer know that you are a team player and are able to meet deadlines.

What do you believe is your greatest weakness? The antithesis to the above questioned it still has the same purpose. While you may be tempted to give a full and detailed list of your weakness avoid this. Be honest but spare the details especially if those details may impact the chances of you receiving the job. You should answer where you identify your weakness, but this weakness can also be considered a strengths.

Are you able to work in a team?
The answer is ‘yes’. Working in a team is an important skill in any situation.

Have you ever been in a confrontation with a member of management?

Ideally, you will answer no however it does happen when you cannot get along with a member of management. Hopefully, you handled that situation with a measure of tact so you can answer the questions honestly.

What benefits or compensation would you like to see if we hire you?
For this question you will have hopefully completed some sort of research into the position to get an idea of some of the most common benefits offered. Make sure that what you ask for is reasonable.

Why do you want to work for us?
The point of this question is to see just how much you know about the company. Speak briefly about the company’s integrity and objectives.

What are you future career goals?
Be honest and straightforward answering the question to the best of your ability. In general it is a good idea to have a least a basic set of future career goals.

What training or education have you received to prepare you for the position?
This is another example of common interview questions being taken directly from the application. Answer honestly and try to give only concise answers. What do you feel is your proudest achievement? Take this time to brag about your abilities.

What can you bring to the position?
The interviewer is looking for any skills or qualities that you poses. Relate how those skills can benefit the opening you are applying for.

Do you have any questions for me?
Common interview questions often end with this. Take advantage of this time to ask any questions you may have about the position and company.  

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