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What to Expect on an Exit Interview

Exit Interview


The purpose of exit interview questions is to find out your opinions about your employment with the company you are leaving. These answers are then compiled to help the company know where they are doing a good job and where they need to improve.  The Exit Interview Questionnaire contains interview questions that  may be asked verbally by an interviewer from the company’s Human Resources Department on a paper questionnaire that you fill out yourself. Some companies have moved to a computer-based program that asks you questions and lets you choose from multiple choice answers, or fill in blanks with statements of your own. Generally, your answers remain anonymous and are not associated with your name or personnel file.


Common Exit Interview Questions

Employers use a variety of exit interview questions. Many questions will ask your opinions of your salary, job duties, work area and even co-workers. You may also be asked questions about processes within the company, such as filing paperwork with the Human Resource Department or utilizing insurance benefits. You will also be asked questions about why you took the job, why you left and even what you plan to do after you leave the company. These questions may be open-ended, allowing you to elaborate more. They may also be multiple-choice, where you select your varying degrees of “agree” or “disagree” with each statement.


Sample Questions

The questions below are sample questions the employee may be asked to complete as part of the Exit Interview Questionnaire.

Reason for leaving your current job?

What factors contributed to you accepting and taking a new job?  Was salary or benefits a factor in your decision?

Were you satisfied with your  salary?

Were you satisfied with your  benefits?

State the positive factors of working for your present employer?

State the negative factors about working for your present employer?

Can you tell us what your new company offers that this company does not offer?

What did you like the most about the position you are leaving?

What did yo like least about the position you are leaving?

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Honesty is always the best policy when dealing with anything employment related, and exit interviews are no exception to this rule. By law, a former employer cannot hold your answers to these questions against you, or use them as the basis of a negative reference if a prospective employer contacts them. Tell the truth but be professional. Don’t trash the company, departments within the company, or your former co-workers. But don’t hide vital information that could be of use. Answer the questions with the intent of helping the company identify strengths and weaknesses, to help those who come along behind you.



A two weeks notice is usually given by an employee who is voluntarily leaving a company.    An exit interview checklist can make sure that all areas are covered during the separation process.   This ensures that the departing employee does not leave with company property. The departing employee is expected to turn in all company property during the exit interview.  All  items such as company keys to the building,  car keys, id cards, credit card, company phone, uniforms, pagers, and computers must be returned.  In addition, the proper network security measures are taken that includes disabling the departing employees accounts and network access.    The checklist also addresses any due compensation that is owed to the exiting employee in the form of any owed salary, hourly pay, vacation time, sick time, or commissions or owed bonuses.   Continuation of benefits will also be covered  for the employee who needs information on continuing benefits under COBRA.  The exit interview process including exit interview questions and the checklist are an important measure that should always be enforced by the employer.

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Appropriate Job Interview Attire

Businesswoman with Briefcase



When job seekers search online for job interview tips, a common search query is information on job interview attire. This sounds like it should be common sense, but many people just don’t know what they should wear to an interview. This information used to be covered in high school business classes, but if students don’t take these classes or the teacher doesn’t touch on the information, interviewees may not know what to wear. We’ve put together a quick primer to help you choose the perfect clothing to help you make a great impression at your interview.

How to Select Proper Job Interview Attire

What is the dress code for employees? What is the proper job interview attire candidates should wear on an interview?   If it is a professional office, such as a brokerage firm, bank or corporate office, the dress code may require a suit and tie for men, and skirts or dresses for women. If the company observes a more-relaxed dress code, such as jeans and t-shirts, it is best to “over-dress” for the interview. Unless an interviewer specifically instructs you to wear jeans to an interview, never wear jeans. Always opt instead for a nice pair of Dockers or khaki pants, with nice shoes.

The color of your clothing is also very important. When choosing a suit, slacks or skirt, black is always best. Other dark colors, such as charcoal or very dark navy, may also suffice. These colors are very conservative and are considered to be more professional in appearance.

Additional job interview tips also include wearing conservative makeup, perfume and cologne. A natural, neutral makeup look is best for an interview. Makeup is a way to express yourself, but save your creativity for later. Likewise, a tiny bit of perfume for the ladies or cologne for the men goes a long way. Keep it light so you don’t overwhelm the interviewer.


Job Interview Attire Dos and Don’ts

Interview Don’ts

There are definite “dont’s” when dressing for an interview. Skip the running shoes and track pants. Skip uncomfortable clothing or clothes that need constant adjustments. Wear something that is comfortable without being sloppy.  Don’t wear jeans, wear sunglasses over your head, never wear in style ripped clothing. Never chew gum or such on candy during an interview.

Interview Do’s

Your interview may be your only chance to make an impression on a prospective employer. To get the job, you must make a good impression. Choose job interview attire that allows you to present yourself to the interviewer in a professional manner.  Casual Interview Dress:  Tailored pants or slacks and a button down shirt;  Professional Job Interview Attire:  Wear a dark colored suit.  Carry an attractive folder.


Female Job Interview Attire

Keep in mind that you want to portray that you are a professional and should always dress to convey this during an interview.   Regardless of the position you should always look neat for the interview.   Remember remember this rule ….it is always better to be over dressed for an interview than under dressed.

  • Two piece business suit, dark blue or gray
  • Coordinated blouse
  • Conservative closed toe shoes – color should match suit
  • Well groomed fingernails
  • Attractive hairstyle
  • Minimal jewelry
  • Sheer hosiery
  • Light or no perfume
  • Attractive briefcase or folder



Male Job Interview Attire

  • Solid color, dark grey or dark blue suit
  • White dress shirt
  • Plain colored, conservative dark blue tie
  • Well groomed nails
  • Well groomed hair
  • Polished shoes, dark colored- black
  • Socks, black colored – over the calf
  • Professional briefcase or folder



For additional information on  Job Interview Tips and Job Interview Attire visit or call 978-921-5600.


Administrative Assistant Job Description

Adminiistative Assistant Image




Many times, an Administrative Assistant Job Description requires only a high school diploma or equivalent education, and a basic knowledge of computers.   This is one of the reasons that this career field is so attractive to workers is the amount of education required.  According to the most recent Bureau of Labor statistics (2011), Administrative Assistants make up the largest occupational group in the United States. 17% of jobs in this country are classified as Administrative Assistants or similar jobs. Put in plain numbers, that means that over 4 million workers have jobs that are considered to be Administrative Assistant positions, and the number is steadily increasing.


Administrative Assistant Job Description

The Administrative Assistant Job Description is very diverse. Administrative Assistants perform a variety of duties, largely determined by the needs of the office they are assigned to and the supervisor in charge. Common tasks are general typing and filing, and handling incoming phone calls. An Administrative Assistant Job Description may involve some type of customer service duties, whether it is working with outside customers, or providing support to other workers within the company. Many Administrative Assistants are in charge of ordering and office supplies and other inventory.  Additional Administrative Assistant job duties may also include scheduling appointments and even booking travel arrangements for supervisors and co-workers.


Administrative Assistant Salary

The salary of an Administrative Assistant varies by location. The most recent Bureau of Labor Statistics (2010), showed that the median income for an Administrative Assistant was $34,660 per year. This is approximately $16.66 per hour. This amount may be less in smaller cities and rural towns, and much higher in bigger cities and large metropolitan areas. For example, Administrative Assistants in Evansville, Indiana, a small city of around 118,000 people, made approximately $11 per hour in 2010. On the other end of the spectrum, Administrative Assistants in Los Angeles, California, a large city of almost 4 million people, made a little over $29.00 per hour in 2010.


Other Popular Administrative Assistant Professions

If you are interested in an Administrative Assistant job, we suggest you check out other positions that fall within the same career path.   Job descriptions can be a great starting point in selecting an occupation as a career.  They can be used as a  resource to form an understanding of the role that each job plays within a company.  Using job descriptions will also shed some light on the job requirements and how your background, skills and strength will fit in with the occupation.

Information for the professions below and other positions can be found in the Occupational Outlook Handbook.   This book provides a description of  what skills are required for the job, working environment conditions,  required education and  training, salary (Example: Administrative Assistant salary), and future job outlook for a wide variety of occupations.  The Handbook also provides a number of different ways to search for job descriptions.   Job Seekers can search for a particular occupation or use the alphabetical  index to locate  job descriptions for professions. also provides job descriptions and videos  that can provide you with information on a number of different occupations.  Other Administrative Assistant and similar job descriptions that may be of interest:

Executive Administrative Assistant Jobs

Healthcare Administrative Assistant Jobs

Temporary Administrative Assistant Jobs

Administrative Secretary Jobs


Job Outlook for Administrative Assistants

The job outlook for the Administrative Assistant career field is good – the Bureau of Labor predicts that this career will grow by approximately 12% between now and 2020. If you are a job seeker interested in a career as an Administrative Assistant, can help every step of the way. Our team of professionals can help you find an Administrative Assistant job in your area. We can connect you with professional resume writers that will write you  a professional Administrative Assistant Resume.   Other career resources including an Administrative Assistant Job Description and occupation information are available at



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