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Medical Administrative Assistant Jobs

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The United States Bureau of Labor Statistics had stated that the Medical Administrative Assistant jobs field is one of the faster growing fields in the country. This job field is expected to see a 31% increase in the number of available jobs between 2010 and 2020, which will add around 170,000 jobs to the job market. The small amount of formal education required and the median pay rate are very attractive to those looking at entry-level jobs and beyond. The job of Medical Administrative Assistant is also a good stepping stone for those looking for a career in the medical field as a medical professional.


Job Description

A Medical Administrative Assistant performs a wide variety of tasks. These tasks are largely determined by the type of office they work in, and the medical personnel that they work with.  Medical Administrative Assistant job duties include typing and filing make up the bulk of their work.  In some cases  duties include filing insurance claims that require assistants to have knowledge in  medical billing and coding. Assisting supervisors, doctors, nurses and other staff is also on the list of duties.  Those employed in Medical Administrative Assistant jobs may be called upon to schedule appointments and meetings, handle phone calls and other customer service duties. They may also be tasked with greeting patients and seeing to their needs as they wait to be seen by a doctor.  Assistants must also be proficient in running office equipment such as fax machines, computers and copy machines. Medical Administrative Assistant employment can be found in private practices that include working for a doctor in an office, working in a hospital or nursing home facility.


Required Education and Skills

In most states, there is no formal education requirement for Medical Administrative Assistant Jobs. A high school diploma is a must, however. Courses in office administration and medical terminology and coding can be helpful. Many colleges offer a certificate or Associate’s Degree program in this field. Medical Administrative Assistants must be able to work in fast-paced, stressful environments. Good typing skills are also very important for this job, as are good customer service skills. Since filing can be a large part of your job duties, you’ll need to have a strong grasp of filing concepts and how files are alphabetized.


Other Resources

If you are looking to change careers and become a Medical Administrative Assistant, or if you are already working in this career field and would like to find a better job, can help. We can assist you with all aspects of finding and landing the job you want. We’ll connect you with resume writers that can help you create a resume that will get a prospective employer’s attention.   Our Career Center will  prepare for the interview process.   Contact us today to get started!

Additional information  regarding Medical Administrative Assistant jobs  can be found be utilizing the Occupation Outlook Handbook .  This handbook provides information on a number of careers and includes job descriptions, salary information, required education, and employment statistics.    Other information including Medical Administrative videos can be found  CareerOneStop.  More information can also be found on Medical Administrative Assistant Jobs and similar professions by performing an internet search on the phrase Hospital Administrative Assistant Job Description.


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Tips on Negotiating Salary

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A difficult part of the job search for many job seekers is negotiating salary. If you propose a number that is too high, you may look greedy, but if you throw out a number that is too low, you may look like you have a low self-image or don’t value yourself very highly. There are a few things you should keep in mind when negotiating salary with a potential employer, to help you be paid what you are worth.





Research Pay Rates Before Negotiating Salary

The first step in learning the process of negotiating salary is to research pay rates. A search of the Internet can help you find pay rates for comparable jobs in that career field or industry. The United States Bureau of Labor Statistics is a great place to start.   This resources provides job candidates with job descriptions  and pay scales for a large number of professions.  In addition to salary information, the site provides information on educational and certification requirements, and occupational outlook information. There are also a number of other sites that are available that offer valuable information that will assist the job seeker with how to negotiate salary.  Using tools available on the internet will assist you with educating yourself as to what employers are paying employees based on their job title, location, and education, and level of experience.  After you get some research together, come up with a number that is in the middle of the spectrum. Make sure it is an amount that you can live comfortably on. Don’t sell yourself short – you deserve to be paid a fair salary. But don’t shoot too high, or the employer will be discouraged from even negotiating with you.   You may also want to consider a letter to negotiate salary.  Please reference this sample salary negotiation letter.  Always remember to use your research including information obtained from the salary wizard before you negotiate salary after an offer.


Job Offer Salary Negotiation

When it’s time to start negotiating salary with your prospective employer, don’t hesitate to mention that you have other offers, but don’t brag or be overly pushy about them. This will turn the employer off and they will send you away empty-handed. Make sure you accentuate your positive attributes and the benefits that hiring you will bring to the company. Sell yourself and let the employer know that you are worth every penny you are asking.

While you are in the process of negotiating salary with the employer, be open-minded. It’s important to be reasonable with your numbers, but also be flexible. Go into the negotiating salary process with the lowest number you could possibly take in mind, and don’t accept anything less. If the employer can’t meet your needs for you to make ends meet, it’s best to walk away and find another job that can.  For more information on salary negotiation tips reference the article How to Negotiate Salary.


Salary Negotiation Tips

  • Research the salary of the position you are applying for
  • During the interview process and during salary negotiations be sure to highlight your strength and what you bring to the table
  • The employer should be the first party to mention salary
  • Be honest about your current salary
  • Don’t feel obligated to accept the opening salary offer
  • Consider your complete compensation package, not just the salary you are being offered

Source:  University of Wisconsin, Platteville, Career Center


Salary Wizard and Salary Research Web Sites

Below you will find a list of some informative salary sites that are available for Job Seekers. These sites include a salary wizard that provide information on the pay scale and salaries that employers are paying employees.  Source:  Got a Mentor, 10 Best Web Sites to Research Salary Information

Occupational Outlook Handbook   Position descriptions, pay scales, required education, and certifications information is available. Provides information  on compensation.  The site offers salary data that includes reports, articles, and surveys.  Salary data is broken down by what employers are paying employees by their job title, location of job, experience and education level.  Contains salary information for both the employer and the employee.  Free reports are available that identify pay ranges, common benefits within companies and employment opportunities for Job Seekers. Available data includes salary reports that include pay scales and salaries, company benefits and cost of living data.  This information can assist you with negotiating salary.


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