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How to Find a Job in Today’s Economy

Search jobJob seekers – whether they are recent students fresh out of college or seasoned workers who have found themselves recently unemployed – find themselves looking for tips and tricks on how to find a job.Discovering and implementing some of the following tips on getting a job can help job seekers find, apply for, and potentially land any job – maybe even their dream job. The following is some advice job seekers can use when looking for ways to find a job.

Diversify the Resources Used to Find a Job

Every month approximately 3.95 million job openings are posted across the United States, according to the United States Department of Labor’s Bureau of Labor Statistics. Unfortunately, job seekers that rely upon one resource to search for job listings will only see a small percentage of those jobs that are listed.

Job seekers need to diversify the number and type of resources they use to find posts for available job openings. Job seekers limit themselves when they only rely upon one resource, such as Craigslist or an employment website.

The best advice job seekers can use when looking for tips on how to find a job is to use a combination of resources. Job seekers should be using a combination of the following resources as ways to find a job:

  • Employment websites that specialize in connecting employers with potential employee candidates
  • Employment agencies
  • Classified websites, such as Craigslist
  • Official websites for specific companies/corporations/businesses
  • Social media websites
  • Networking websites, such as LinkedIn

Start Networking – Both In Person and Online

Networking is no longer just about building connections while at work, networking can help job seekers who are looking for ways to find a job. Networking allows individuals to create connections across a wide range of industries. When an individual loses their job or is looking to make a career switch, those connections can prove to be very helpful.

One of the most helpful tips on getting a job for current job seekers is to network both in person and online. Many job seekers will create a profile on a popular network website and believe that is enough to find a job, but it is not. It is important to create as many connections with individuals as possible and networking – both in person and online – will help to create those networks.

Some networking tips and advice for people looking into how to find a job include:

  • Keep a business card ready at all times
  • Update information, including employment history and skills, on networking websites
  • Learn how to create a 30-second ‘elevator pitch’ that talks about skills, accomplishments, and employment history
  • Attend multiple networking events held throughout the community

Taking this advice on how to find a job and implementing it into the day-to-day job search can help job seekers expand their horizons and hopefully land a job quickly.


How Leadership Skills Can Land You a Job

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The answer to landing a job might not be in the type of experience or educational background you have, but instead lies with whether or not you have leadership skills. These skills which can range from problem solving to being good at multi-tasking could provide a job seeker with the advantage they need to land a job.

How Exactly Leadership Skills Improve a Job Seeker’s Chance of Landing a Job

There are a number of reasons why leadership skills make certain individuals good employees.

One of the biggest reasons employers like to hire someone with these important qualities is because most of the time, these skills cannot be taught. The skills required to be a good leader, such as multi-tasking or problem solving, are often natural abilities or personality traits that someone possesses.

Employers can teach an individual how to use a certain software program or how to do a physical skill, but these natural abilities can be difficult to teach. An employer would rather take the little time it takes to work with natural skills and talents and teach those skills than to work with individuals who lack certain un-teachable skills.

Another big reason employers like to hire someone with these skills is because most jobs – no matter what industry they are in – require these types of skills in order for the employee to succeed. An individual with effective leadership qualities can typically become successful in any position with the proper training.

List of Leadership Traits

There are over a dozen different traits that can be classified as leadership skills. If you are wondering if you have any of these skills, here is a list that most potential employers look for in a job applicant.

Some key leadership skills employers look for in a job applicant include:

  • Problem solving
  • Ability to multi-task
  • Ability to prioritize tasks
  • Communication skills
  • Good under pressure
  • Time management skills
  • Ability to delegate tasks
  • Confidence
  • Commitment to the employer and to the team
  • Inspiration or ability to inspire
  • Creativity or ability to think outside the box

How to Show Potential Employers You Have These Leadership Skills

Job seekers can show potential employers they have these key skills in a number of different ways. The most common way to show a potential employer that you have these skills is to list them on your resume.

Many individuals are so focused on outlining previous work experience and educational background that they forget to highlight skills. Job seekers can list a handful of leadership skills on their resume, which will alert the potential employer that you have these skills.

Another way to show a potential employer that you have these types of skills is to incorporate them naturally into your job interview. When a potential employer asks you questions on hypothetical situations that may arise while on the job, try to show them how you would solve the problem using your leader skills.

The job market is competitive and job seekers need to stand out from the crowd to land a job. Those leadership skills could be just the thing needed to make an individual stand out to a potential employer and potentially turn into a job.


Valuable Advice That Helps Job Seekers Get Hired by Employers

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Job seekers who want to get hired by employers need to know how to quickly and effectively grab the attention of whomever is looking at a resume/cover letter or conducting the job interview. There are a few things job seekers can do to improve their job application skills and interview techniques so the attention of the human resource department or interviewer is captured.Want to get hired fast? Try incorporating the following interview/job application tricks into your job search and you just might land a job by attracting the attention of the HR department/interviewer.

Immediately Capture Employer’s Attention with an Outstanding Resume

Potential employers often determine who to interview for a particular job opening or position based off of the type of resume that is received. If the resume that is sent in does not capture their attention, you will never land a job interview nor get hired.

Job seekers can turn any resume into an outstanding one with a little work and editing. The following are some ways job seekers can rework their resume to make it outstanding:

Place skills, accomplishments, and other highlights at the top – Potential employers will rarely read the entire resume. Place any important skills, accomplishments, or other highlights at the top of the resume, as this will capture the HR department’s attention and hopefully land a potential interview and get hired.

Spell check and edit the resume – Check and re-check your resume to make sure there are no spelling or grammar errors if you want to get hired today. Spelling and grammar errors appear unprofessional and will prevent you from landing a job interview.

Highlight what you’ve done/accomplished at each position – Instead of just listing previous employers and writing what your job required you to do, try to highlight what skills and other accomplishments you’ve obtained from the job. This will help HR understand what skills you have and what you’ve taken away from a previous job.

Seek the services of a Professional Resume Writer – Professional resume writers have expertise in writing professional, attention grabbing resumes.  For an affordable price a professional resume writer can assist job candidates with a resume that will land job candidates interviews.

Stand Out During the Interview

Job seekers who make themselves stand out during a job interview are more likely to get hired today. That is because the interview/HR department remembers them and wants them to become a valuable member of their team. 

Some ways job seekers can stand out during an interview include:

  • Giving unique answers to questions asked
  • Coming prepared – know the company, the company’s history, and various aspects of what job the opening is for
  • Smiling and paying attention during an interview
  • Asking valuable questions at the end of the interview
  • Following up after an interview

Get hired job seekers and invest in the services of an Interview Coach.   Interview training will ensure that candidates are prepared for the job interview and display professionalism and confidence during the interview.  If your on a tight budget, self help options that include digital and online interview coaching products are available.

Job seekers who incorporate these items into their job search may find their ability to get hired improves dramatically.


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