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Job Hunting Techniques: Expanding Employment Horizons by Using Multiple Job Hunting Techniques

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Using multiple job hunting techniques can help individuals find and potentially land a job from the thousands of job openings that are listed daily. Unfortunately many job seekers get so set in their ways that they forget to use multiple job hunting techniques. This can dramatically reduce the number of jobs that are available for job seekers.Individuals who are committed to finding employment need to improve their job hunting skills to include multiple techniques. The following are some suggestions on how to improve the job hunting techniques of those currently looking for a job.

Don’t Rely Upon Just One Employment Website

All job seekers have a favorite employment or classified website that they use as part of their job hunting techniques. While that website might be useful, it is important to diversify the websites that are used.

Diversifying the number of employment websites that are used to find a job is one of the best job hunting techniques people can use. Expanding the job search to multiple websites will improve the chances people have of finding employment, as some companies may post on one website but not another.  Using these job search techniques will help you to diversity the sites, job postings and contacts you use and make during your job search.

Use the Employment Sections on Company Websites

Searching the employment section on a company’s website is another great addition to a job seeker’s usable job hunting techniques. Many companies decide not to post job openings on social media websites or through the classifieds, and instead post them to their website. Job seekers can improve their chances of finding employment by incorporating these website sections into their job hunting techniques.

Even if a specific job posting in these website sections does not match the qualifications and skills of a particular job seeker, it still may prove to be helpful. The fact that a employer is posting job openings at all means that they are hiring. Job seekers may wish to reach out to the HR department or the company’s owner to see if there may be a potential opening yet to be advertised. These tips for job hunting can prove to be effective job search strategies and help you get your resume out there and make valuable contacts during your job search.

Create a Professional Social Media Presence

Social media platforms provide a great place to play games and connect with friends and family, but they can also be used as part of an individual’s multiple job hunting techniques. Social media is a great addition to job hunting techniques because of the abundance of networking opportunities that may help in landing a job.

Individuals who are using social media as part of their job hunting techniques need to remember to keep their online presence professional. After all, this is the image that will be portrayed to others who could network or provide recommendations to people who are hiring.

Some recommendations for job hunting skills that are extremely helpful when using social media include:

  • Watch spelling and grammar.
  • Use and post only professional photos.
  • Keep posts and status updates professional.
  • Word comments and replies to others carefully.

Jobs do not usually just appear out of nowhere. Job seekers must work to find job openings. Using multiple job hunting techniques, individuals will expand their horizons and find multiple employers that are looking for employees.

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The Many Telecommuting Benefits That Employees Can Enjoy

Employees, and their employers, are starting to see that there are many telecommuting benefits. These telecommuting benefits can range from increased work productivity to happier employees.  Below you will find the telecommuting pros and cons and telework benefits.If you are thinking of working from home or choosing a job that allows you to telecommute, here is a look at some of the many telecommuting benefits and drawbacks.

Benefit – Freedom to Create a Personalized Work Environment

Everyone has their own work environment that will help them increase productivity and creativity. Unfortunately, employers cannot create a personal work environment for every employee. This often leads some employees to feel stifled and uninspired.

One of the many advantages of telecommuting is that employees can create a personalized work environment for themselves. Employees can have control over noise levels, setup of desk and workspace, and even the AC/heat. This control allows people to create a work environment that inspires them to work and be productive.

Drawback – Potential Lack of Motivation

(Disadvantages of Telecommuting)

The individualized work environment may be one of the many telecommuting benefits employees see, but it can also be a drawback. The individualized work environment can cause employees to feel unmotivated at times and may lead to procrastination.

A lack of motivation and the potential for procrastination happens as a result of not having other employees around to offer encouraging words or to check on the status of a project. Luckily, there are things employees can do to turn this drawback into a positive.

Employees can do the following:

  • Schedule regular chat/Skype sessions with co-workers to keep motivation high
  • Take regular breaks to prevent feeling unmotivated
  • Create a structured work environment with a set schedule


Benefit – No Long Commute to Work

One of the biggest, and possibly the best, telecommuting benefits is the ability to say goodbye to the long commute to work. It is estimated that some individuals can spend more than 90 minutes in traffic just getting to work.

When employees telecommute, they are able to enjoy one of the many telecommuting benefits, which is not having to drive to and from work. Employees are able to start working almost instantaneously because all they have to do is walk to their home office.

Benefit – Flexible Schedule

The ability to create a flexible schedule is another telecommuting benefit. Employees are able to work around doctor visits, illnesses, appointments, and even family commitments.

While having a flexible schedule may seem like it could be problematic, when done properly it can be one of the many telecommuting benefits for employers and employees. Employers see increased work productivity because employees are not having to take time off of work and can work around other commitments. Meanwhile, employees can be happy that they are able to meet prior commitments without having to stress about work or taking time off.

There are numerous telecommuting benefits and drawbacks, but luckily the benefits outnumber the drawbacks. Both employees and employers should consider taking advantage of the numerous telecommuting benefits that are out there.


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