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Resume Tips That Will Help You Land Job Interviews

The difference between landing a job interview and being overlooked for a job opening could be whether or not certain resume tips were used and applied.An effective resume format can grab the attention of a prospective employer by highlighting your strengths, skills and previous work experience. Unfortunately, many job seekers just toss a resume together and send it out without much thought behind it.

If you are looking for a job, try using these dynamic resume tips. It just might help you land a job interview that leads to the job of your dreams.


Resume Guidelines


Clearly Outline Previous Work Experience

Many individuals make the mistake of assuming that the reader of the resume understands what responsibilities come with a specific job title. This causes them to just put a title down and move on, but one of the best resume tips is to be detailed about previous work experience.

Be extremely detailed about your previous work experience. When working on the resume format, outline what your job title was and include a detailed description of all responsibilities that came with that job.  Providing this detailed information will assist the interviewer in determining if you are a good fit for the job.

Clearly Outline Dates and Locations for Previous Work and Educational Backgrounds

Make sure you clearly outline the dates and locations of where you worked or attend school. This is one of the best resume tips because it allows you to give the resume reader an idea of where and when you worked at a specific place, attended college classes, and/or earned a college degree or certificate.

Provide Details Regarding Previous Employers

The reader of the resume does not know the dynamics of your previous employer, which is why you must include it on your resume. Take the time to include how many employees worked there and what industry their business focused upon.

Keep a Resume Specific and On Topic

Trying to keep a resume on topic is one of the most overlooked resume tips for job seekers. Job seekers are so eager to provide so much information about their past that they tend to stray off course.

Resume writing guidelines require you to keep information on topic. Only outline job experiences and skills that will directly relate to the prospective employee, as it will allow you to show how experienced you are for a particular position.

Prioritize Previous Job Experiences

Prioritizing previous job experiences can be one of the more difficult resume tips to follow, especially if you held numerous jobs. Try to prioritize previous job experiences based upon what is most relevant to the job. This will allow the resume reader to see what experience you bring to the table.

Carefully Weave in Career Centered Keywords into Job Descriptions

Many larger employers rely upon sophisticated software programs that are designed to analyze resumes for specific keywords and phrases. Resumes that do not have these phrases can sometimes be overlooked, which results in a missed opportunity to land a job.

When writing your resume, think like an employer and try to add words and phrases that they might search for on resumes. This will increase the likelihood of having your resume picked up by these software programs and eventually passed on to the human resource department or person in charge of hiring.

Keep the Resume Short and to the Point

Future employers do not want to spend hours reading your resume, so keep it short. An ideal length for a resume is approximately 2 pages.

Select a Resume Format that is Easy to Read

Many job seekers try to get fancy and choose unique fonts and styles when it comes to the format of their resume, but one of the best resume tips you could follow is to keep it easy to read. Select a font that is traditional – like Times Roman – and keep the format simple.

State Facts and Move to the Next Point

Don’t try to over talk specific points about your experience. State your experience in a clear, concise manner and move on to the next selling point. Do not get long-winded or fluff up your resume.

Create an Error Free Document

Mistakes happen, but when it comes to your resume try to make it error free. This means looking it over for spelling errors, grammar errors, and typos. It doesn’t hurt to have someone else look it over for mistakes.

Your resume is the key to landing a job interview with a prospective employer. Following these resume tips can help you create an amazing resume that will grab a prospective employer’s attention and make them want to interview you.


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