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Programming Interview Questions

If you’re about to go in for a job interview in the programming industry, you may want to know about some common programming interview questions and the answers that are appropriate. The programming industry can be a very unique one that will test your logic and your ability to react quickly to difficult scenarios. Programmer interview questions and answers may either be based on specific programming languages or programming development theory as a whole.

How Would You Create and Modify a Linked List?Before you go for a computer programmer interview, especially for an entry-level position, you should always brush up on your ability to build a linked list and to insert and delete items from it. Linked list questions are incredibly common in programming interviews, and are one of the few programming questions that will almost always recur. It’s very likely that you studied linked lists intensively when you were in school, but you may have forgotten some of their intricacies since then.


How Would You Count All the Windows on All the Buildings in the City?

This question is asked in a few different ways. Another variation of this common computer programmer interview question is “how would you move Mount Fuji?” For any variation of this question, the answer doesn’t actually matter. The interviewer is looking to test your ability to break down a problem into logical steps. A good answer may be that you would find a single block of the city, count all of the windows in that block and then extrapolate it to the rest of the city.


Why Is a Manhole Round?

One of the most notorious systems administration and programming interview questions, this question actually has a deceptively simple answer. Manholes are round so that the cover doesn’t fall in: a square or rectangular manhole cover could be turned in such a way that it could fall through the hole.


How Would You Develop This Program?

Common programmer -programming interview questions and answers may also include the development of a very simple program, such as a tic-tac-toe game or rudimentary hit detection. While you may not be able to prepare for the specific question, there are still a few things you can do to increase your performance. You should take the program step-by-step and ensure that you have the structure in place, even if you may not have all of the elements perfect. Don’t worry about getting everything perfect: your interviewer will understand that you may make some mistakes, especially without a compiler.


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