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How Leadership Skills Can Land You a Job

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The answer to landing a job might not be in the type of experience or educational background you have, but instead lies with whether or not you have leadership skills. These skills which can range from problem solving to being good at multi-tasking could provide a job seeker with the advantage they need to land a job.

How Exactly Leadership Skills Improve a Job Seeker’s Chance of Landing a Job

There are a number of reasons why leadership skills make certain individuals good employees.

One of the biggest reasons employers like to hire someone with these important qualities is because most of the time, these skills cannot be taught. The skills required to be a good leader, such as multi-tasking or problem solving, are often natural abilities or personality traits that someone possesses.

Employers can teach an individual how to use a certain software program or how to do a physical skill, but these natural abilities can be difficult to teach. An employer would rather take the little time it takes to work with natural skills and talents and teach those skills than to work with individuals who lack certain un-teachable skills.

Another big reason employers like to hire someone with these skills is because most jobs – no matter what industry they are in – require these types of skills in order for the employee to succeed. An individual with effective leadership qualities can typically become successful in any position with the proper training.

List of Leadership Traits

There are over a dozen different traits that can be classified as leadership skills. If you are wondering if you have any of these skills, here is a list that most potential employers look for in a job applicant.

Some key leadership skills employers look for in a job applicant include:

  • Problem solving
  • Ability to multi-task
  • Ability to prioritize tasks
  • Communication skills
  • Good under pressure
  • Time management skills
  • Ability to delegate tasks
  • Confidence
  • Commitment to the employer and to the team
  • Inspiration or ability to inspire
  • Creativity or ability to think outside the box

How to Show Potential Employers You Have These Leadership Skills

Job seekers can show potential employers they have these key skills in a number of different ways. The most common way to show a potential employer that you have these skills is to list them on your resume.

Many individuals are so focused on outlining previous work experience and educational background that they forget to highlight skills. Job seekers can list a handful of leadership skills on their resume, which will alert the potential employer that you have these skills.

Another way to show a potential employer that you have these types of skills is to incorporate them naturally into your job interview. When a potential employer asks you questions on hypothetical situations that may arise while on the job, try to show them how you would solve the problem using your leader skills.

The job market is competitive and job seekers need to stand out from the crowd to land a job. Those leadership skills could be just the thing needed to make an individual stand out to a potential employer and potentially turn into a job.


Work from Home Data Entry Jobs

Data Entry Technician
Legitimate work from home jobs are difficult to come by in general, however, work from home data entry and online data entry jobs are often more difficult to find because there are a larger number of people who are looking for them and these jobs are among the most likely to be outsourced to countries where individuals work for less.  This does not mean there is no hope for finding work from home data entry jobs.  Follow these tips to help you find the right job.

Sound Too Good to Be True? 
One of the biggest issues with work from home typing jobs is when they promise large amounts of money with little work. While it is tempting to give it a shot, those jobs that offer big returns right away are less likely to be legitimate.   Ask plenty of questions and don’t accept vague answers.   If things don’t seem to add up, move on.   Don’t be afraid to research the company via the Better Business Bureau.

Asking for Money – 
A work from home data entry job should never ask you for money to get started.   In many cases, this is an indicator that the job is not legitimate and the money that is made is from recruiting other individuals.  Online data entry doesn’t really require any additional materials.  You should apply for only no cost work from home jobs.  The only exception is you may be required to purchase specific software.  This would not automatically indicate the company is not legitimate.

Networking is a critical aspect in finding work from home typing jobs.  Many businesses have a need for people who can complete simple data entry tasks.  Sometimes they assign these tasks to employees within their organization, while other companies may hire someone specifically for data entry. Talking to people you already know about what you are seeking may help you find someone who is willing to hire someone to complete data entry from home.

Contact Companies
While you may be lucky enough to find a job by searching for telecommuting opportunities on sites like Craigslist, Monster or CareerBuilder, it is often more likely to find one by contacting both local companies and major corporations.  There are legitimate data entry work home jobs.   For this type of work you would look for jobs that allow you to work from home entering data. Look for any company that may be looking for individuals to perform data entry tasks and apply for the job.  When they interview you, showcase your skills and ask to be allowed to work from home, at least on a trial basis.

Other Work From Home Opportunities
In addition to work from home data entry jobs,  additional opportunities are available that allow you to work from home.  These additional opportunities are jobs  that allow you to work from home stuffing envelopes, medical billing from home, or free online data entry jobs.   They are defined as “free” because they should not cost you anything to work in these jobs.  Other work from home opportunities are:
Finding legitimate work from home jobs may seem impossible, especially if you have already been looking for a long time. However, you can find work from home data entry jobs if you know what to look for and how to go about your search.

Job Search: How to Jump Start Your Job Search

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For job seekers looking for a new job or a better job, getting started in your job search can be overwhelming. What should you do first? Most job seekers just jump right in to the Help Wanted Ads in their local newspaper and then become frustrated with their job search when they don’t find suitable employment right away. There is definitely a process that must be followed to get the right job in a timely manner. If you are having trouble with your job search, use the following checklist to help you get started.


Job Search Strategies


  • *Resume:  Before you can even begin applying to jobs, you must have an updated, clean and concise resume. If you don’t already have one, start from scratch. There are many ways you can create a resume. It is best to have a general resume that is relevant to any job you might apply for. Then you can tweak it and make it more specialized if you really want to stand out in a particular field. Whether you are creating a resume or just polishing up your existing resume, it’s best to seek the services of a professional such as a skilled resume writer  that knows what prospective employers are looking for and can help you meet those objectives.
  • *Interview Skills: Everyone can benefit from improved interview skills. An employment agency can assist you with this during your job search. They’ll help you with answers to common interview questions and help you brush up on your interview skills so you won’t be as nervous during an actual job interview.
  • * Job Search: Once you make yourself ready for the interview and hiring process, it’s time to begin looking for the right position. Seek the services of a local employment agency in your community to help you in your job search. You can also search the job listings on by utilizing our job search engines to find a job that is right for you. We keep our site updated with the most current job listings so you don’t have to search through many different sources to gather information on new job listings. We do the leg work for you during your job search.
  • * Application Process: Once you find a job, it’s time to submit your resume and application package. Don’t forget the cover letter and a thank you letter after you interview with the company – in the excitement many job seekers forget these seemingly small details, but they can be huge in the employer’s decision-making process. With, you can upload your resume to your profile and apply to jobs here on our site with just a few clicks. Finding that perfect job has never been easier.

Many people are confused about the benefits of employment agencies in their job search. We will lay out a plan for you to follow, and we’ll be with you every step of the way to help ease the burden of seeking and securing better employment.


Job Search Resources knows that finding a job today can be a competitive and difficult process. That’s why we are dedicated in assisting your with your job search.  We have a whole Career Center that was created with you the Job Seeker in mind. Our Career Center consists of Interview Prep Material, career profiles, employment videos and more. Check out our affiliate programs that enable us to connect Job Seekers with Interviewing Coaching Services, and Resume Writing services. These services will further prepare you for success with your job search!   GoGetterCareers wants you to succeed in your job search and we are determined to assist you with this effort.


Employment Opportunities: Find a Job That Fits Your Skills

Want to find a job?  The best tools around are the ones that everyone is using — you can tell because everyone is using them. The tools in question are, as you may have guessed, job boards.  But with millions of people using job boards every day, you have to do something a little different if you want to be at the head of the crowd. Here are the best techniques for finding employment opportunities on a job board:

How to Find a Job:  Employment Opportunities

  •  Learn to Search: Searching a job board for employment opportunities is significantly more complex than typing a few words into Google. At the minimum, any decent job board is going to have three elements to their search: a category, a space for keywords, and some sort of location indicator (often a zip code). The location indicator is easy, and even the category is mostly straightforward — but learning to properly use the keywords field can take a lot of experience. For example, if you want to be a retail manager, you can look for “manager” — but you’ll find more positions (and better ones) in most cases if you search for “department”, “general”, or “shift” in addition to just “manager” (depending on your goal, naturally.)
  • Automate, Automate, Automate:  When you find employment opportunities that you are interested in, you should  never automate your responses to a job listing (see the next item), but the more you automate your searches, the less time you have to spend looking and the more time you can spend replying. Many job boards allow you to create an RSS feed for any given search; others will allow you to set up an email digest of new relevant jobs for searches you’ve done in the past.
  • Personalize, Personalize, Personalize: Don’t bother replying to jobs that don’t ‘click’ with you — that’s just wasting your time and theirs. But when you do find a job that you are interested in,  take the time to really sell yourself to them. Use the words that they used in their job listing to describe yourself (just make sure it’s true.) Give them every reason to accept you as a legitimate contender for the position, and don’t back down.  Use these employment opportunities to show them that they want you, and then show them that you want them — if you can do those two things, you won’t be on the job boards for long.
  • Job Alerts:  Utilize the option of Job Alerts that many job boards offer.   By utilizing this feature you will be notified via email when positions fitting your search criteria become available.
  • Employment Application:  Many companies provide the option to apply directly online by completing their employment application online.  Take advantage of this opportunity.  Remember never give out your social security, or banking information to anyone online.

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