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The Benefits of Using Professional Resume Writers

Professional resume writers are trained to take all your valuable work experience, education, and skills and transform them into a resume that will attract the attention of human resource departments and recruiters. These people are the individuals you need to impress to land a job, but it is not as easy as it might seem.A recent survey conducted by TheLadders suggests that HR department personnel and recruiters spend only 6 seconds looking over a job applicant’s resume. That does not give you much time to make an impression, which is why having a resume written by professionals can help.

Using professional resume services allows jobs applicants to create a stellar, stand-out resume that will help land them a job of their dreams. The following are some of the benefits that can come from using professional resume writers.


Keyword Phrases and Words are Weaved into the Resume

When HR departments and recruiters are looking at your resume for 6 seconds, they are scanning it for specific keywords and phrases that stick out. Professional resume writers are trained to weave these keywords and phrases into a resume using the experience and education that you provide them.

Besides using commonly sought-after keywords and phrases, professional resume services also know what words and phrases to avoid. Many HR departments and recruiters have specific phrases and keywords that represent an inexperienced candidate for a specific position. Resume writers will try to avoid using these phrases when creating a resume.

Resume is Formatted in a Professional and Clean Style

One of the hardest tasks people have when writing their own resume is formatting. A resume that is not properly formatted will automatically be disregarded by HR departments and recruiters. Professional resume writers can help with formatting.

These individuals are trained to properly format a resume so that everything stands out to a recruiter/HR department. This can include placing contact information at the top, listing skills and qualifications, and outlining previous work experience and educational background.

Besides the proper placement of information, these resume writers will know what fonts to use. They will use fonts that are properly sized to make the entire resume look clean and professional.


An Error-Free Resume is Created and Ready for Submission

A big mistake, and one that will automatically ruin any chance of landing a specific position at a company, that many job applicants make is submitting a resume with errors. Grammar and spelling errors will make a job applicant appear unprofessional and uneducated.

Professional resume writers will create an error-free resume that is ready for submission the minute you receive it. The resume writers will take the information that you provide and write up a resume that outlines your experience, educational background, and qualifications in a way that is grammatically correct and free of any spelling errors.

A resume is your one (and sometimes only) chance to impress a recruiter or HR department. Using professional resume writers allows you submit a resume that puts your best foot forward when applying for a job.  Let one of our affiliate resume writers write you a professional, attention grabbing resume!


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The Dos and Don’ts of Job Placement Agencies for Job Seekers









The extremely competitive job market has forced many individuals to turn to job placement agencies for help. These agencies, which focus on connecting job seekers with potential employers that are looking for qualified employees, can help individuals find employment, but they have limitations.There are certain things these employment placement services can and cannot do for a job seeker. The following is a look at some of the advantages and disadvantages of using these agencies, which are sometimes known as headhunters.


Do – Help Job Seekers Find Job Openings/Interviews that Match Applicants Qualities/Experience/Skills

It can be hard to tell which jobs are really good matches for an individual based off an ad in the newspaper or online. Job placement agencies can eliminate the guesswork when searching for a job. These agencies can find job openings or potential interviews for positions that need a certain specific skill, level of experience, or quality.

Even if there are no current job postings that meet a job seeker’s specific skill set, it is still a good idea for he or she to have a resume on file with a job placement agency. These agencies have connections to clients/employers and jobs are constantly coming in and out. Should a job opening appear that matches a job seeker’s specific skill set or experience, the job seeker’s information is on file and can be passed on to the employer.


Don’t – Work Specifically for the Job Seeker

Many job seekers are under the impression that an employment agency actually works for them, but they really do not – they work for themselves and/or the employer that they are working to fill the job vacancy  for. Headhunters are often paid by the company/client that is looking for an employee, not the actual job seeker. This means their main goal is to find qualified candidates that can fill a position quickly.

Unfortunately, if a job seeker does not have a specific skill set or previous experience that a certain client is looking for, these agencies will not be able to provide job leads or interviews. The amount of job leads and interviews a job seeker lands will depend solely on the types of clients/businesses that come to that particular agency.


Do – Help Prepare for a Job Interview

Coming prepared to a job interview is one of the many things job seekers can do to make themselves stand out from the crowd. When a job seeker lands a job interview through a job placement agency, they will not walk into that interview unprepared.

Some job placement agencies will often help ‘prep’ an individual for a specific job interview. The agency will provide background information, specifics on the job, and even help job seekers prepare for what type of questions may be asked. The reason job placement agencies do this is they want job seekers to look good, as they are a direct reflection on the agency.

A company that offers employment placement services can even help job seekers ‘fine tune’ their interviewing skills. Many employment placement agencies require job seekers to fill out applications and conduct a screening interview, before the agency will work with them. This provides job seekers with the perfect opportunity to get experience interviewing.

There are many benefits that can come from using job placement agencies, but there are just as many drawbacks, too. It is important to think over the pros and cons of job placement agencies before signing up to use their services.

Job placement agencies in your area can be found by using the yellow pages or performing a search on the internet.  Some suggested search terms are: job placement agencies, placement agencies, employment agencies, recruiting agency, recruitment agency etc.


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How an Employment Agency Can Help in Your Job Search


If you’re currently looking for a job, you may want to consider the services of an employment agency. Employment agencies not only do the majority of the work for you when you’re looking to get a job, but they also provide invaluable career advice and aid for those seeking entry-level or technical positions. Many companies today solely hire new employees through a recruitment agency, as they know that an employment service will give them the best and most qualified applicants.

Employment services are also a superb way for you to try different careers and companies if you aren’t sure where you fit in.  You can easily sign up as a temp with an employment service and experience different corporate structures and different industries. Meanwhile, the employment company will give you information about how well you performed at your tasks and how you can improve in the future. Many services will also help you brush up on your interview skills and may be able to give you actionable information about improving your resume.  Agencies also know about industries in various areas and can tell you the likelihood of finding a position in specific areas where you live, and this can help you make decisions about your career path.

If you’re in an industry that is difficult to break into, such as the IT industry, employment services can provide you with your first positions and fill your resume. Having experience in many companies as a professional while working with a temp agency looks fantastic to future employers. It shows your employers that you can fit into different environments, that you get acclimated easily to a position and that you are experienced and knowledgeable. Many companies also hire for permanent positions through an employment agency, and you’ll be able to prove your talent to them before hire.  You should take note that a employment staffing agency and temporary employment agency share some of the same characteristics such as placing job candidates in positions.  However, an employment agency is a agency that works with job candidates and companies to fill permanent positions in companies.  Although staffing agencies may also handle permanent placement of employees, they usually focus on  providing companies with temporary help.  You may also find your local unemployment agency a valuable resource while looking for employment.

Going through a recruitment agency is simple and you are under no obligation to take a job through them. You can always conduct your own job hunt while the agency is also hard at work trying to find placement for you. You can usually sign up with an agency within a few hours, and from there all you need to do is occasionally check in and ask them if there are any open positions. Employment agencies aren’t only for entry-level professionals, either. Many highly skilled professionals will be able to find the ideal careers through an employment service with ease.

What to Expect from Temporary Employment Agencies


If you are between jobs or are just looking for additional work to fill a gap, temporary employment agencies are a great place to check out. These agencies provide several great benefits to job seekers, and their services are offered at no cost to you. Temp agencies pay their bills by charging employers a small fee, so they can offer their services to job seekers free of charge. There are many benefits of working for temp agencies.

Benefits of Temporary Employment Agencies

* Temporary Jobs: Temporary jobs offer several benefits to workers. You get a feel for a particular type of job or a business, and can determine if it’s something you want to do on a long-term basis. You aren’t locked into a job that you can’t stand. If you like a change of scenery once in a while, temporary jobs also offer this. Many temporary jobs can last from one day to a week, while others can last several weeks to several months, depending upon the needs of the employer.

* Permanent Jobs: Many employers use temporary employment agencies as a way to screen employees before hiring them. These jobs are called temp-to-perm jobs, meaning that the employer keeps you on the payroll as a temporary employee for a certain amount of time. If they enjoy your work, they can hire you permanently after you’ve been there a while. Most temp agencies require that you work as a temp employee for a set number of weeks before an employer can hire you on a permanent basis.

* Insurance Benefits: Many temporary employment agencies offer insurance benefits for employees and even family members, as long as the temporary employee works a specified number of hours within a specified number of months and maintains employment with the agency past that time. This insurance usually carries a low cost and encompasses health, dental and vision benefits. Each employment agency is different, so if insurance benefits are important to you, check this out before committing to one agency.

* Additional Services for Job Seekers:  Temporary employment agencies offer other benefits for job seekers, such as resume help and assistance in finding jobs. Each agency offers different services, so check  out temporary employment agencies thoroughly before selecting one to work with you.

Additional Information

More information can be found by performing a search under the topics listed below:

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Job Interview Coaching Services

Job Interview Coaching Services


Job interview coaching and training can be a valuable and often overlooked resource for job candidates.  In many cases, the most difficult part of the job search process can be the interview. Just the thought of an interview stresses most people out. The pressure to answer all the questions correctly in the manner the interviewer is looking for is difficult to deal with. A job and a paycheck are the prizes at stake, and competition is tough in today’s job market. Many people will stay in a job they hate just to avoid dealing with the job interview process, because they don’t have the job interview skills they need to find another job.  That’s where job interview coaching and training comes in. The best way to overcome this obstacle is to seek the services of an organization that offers professional job interview coaching and training for job seekers.

Why Should I Invest in Interview Coaching

Even the most seasoned and skilled job seeker can benefit from assistance with job interview skills training, job interview coaching,  and resume proofreading services. Job interview techniques and questions asked by prospective employers change all the time. And even more important than anticipating questions is your ability to relax and be at-ease during an interview. A trainer can help you stay calm and be able to think quickly during an interview. This will help you avoid lengthy, awkward pauses. Your job interviews will be less stressful for you, and you’ll be more likely to land the job you want.

How Much of My Time Will Be Required

Many job interview coaches can help you with just one session, usually lasting an hour or less. While most of these services used to be face-to-face, a lot of coaches can help you over the Internet or via teleconferencing means, such as Skype or Internet messaging programs.  An hour or two of your time is well spent when you land a higher-paying job, or a job that you will enjoy and look forward to going to every day.  Candidates are encouraged to prepare their interview questions for coaches.


The cost of  interview coaching is the biggest deterrent for job seekers. Many individuals think they can’t afford hiring a professional to help them. However, this could not be farther from the truth. The benefits of a new job and a bigger paycheck far outweigh the cost of job interview coaching. And some organizations offer these services free to job seekers, and only assess fees to employers who recruit through them. The best way to determine costs is to contact professionals who offer these services and inquire about what they provide and how much they charge. You may be surprised at what you find.


Invest in  Interview Training

If you are currently looking for a new job, or would like to start the process, you may want a professional to help you improve your job interview skills.  Contact us today (978) 921-5600 to see how we can assist  you with job interview coaching, and job interview training and other services, and make your career what you want it to be.


Benefits of Employment Agencies


Clients give many reasons for not using the services of employment agencies when they are seeking work: too difficult to find a good agency, it’s embarrassing to be out of work, too much effort, and other excuses. While it can be difficult getting yourself motivated to use employment agencies in your job search, the benefits far outweigh any excuse a job seeker can come up with to not go.


The Benefits of Using Employment Agencies

* Resume assistance: Employment agencies offer resume assistance. This includes helping you to build a resume from scratch, and helping you tweak your existing resume to make it more job search-friendly. They can help you adjust your resume to fit any job that you apply for, or they can also help you create several different resumes that target a particular career field or even a particular job.  They can also connect you with professional resume writers that can create an effective resume that is guaranteed to get you interviews.

* Job search assistance: Employment agencies often have the inside track on new job openings, and many of these agencies have connections to employers that you won’t find through traditional job search means such as newspaper help wanted ads. Personnel at employment agencies spend a lot of time networking and building relationships with employers so they hear about jobs first and have first dibs on sending applicants for interviews.

* Interview skills: assistance: Employment agencies also offer group classes and one-on-one sessions to help you polish your job interviewing skills. For many job seekers, the interview process can be the most stressful part of finding a new job. These agencies will help you come up with answers to common and difficult interview questions. Most agencies will also do some role playing with you to help you practice how you will act, speak and answer questions in an official job interview with a prospective employer. These practice sessions will reduce your stress levels and make you less nervous when at an interview. Many hiring officials will pass over an applicant that is too nervous, so this is a huge benefit to you.

* Support: Employment agencies are there to help you, not to pass judgment or lecture you. These professionals will take some of the burden and stress of job hunting and the hiring process off your shoulders and help you as you go through the process of seeking new or better employment.

Most employment agencies provide their services at little to no cost to the job seeker. Some employment agencies are non-profit agencies run by grants and donations and their services are gratis. For those that do charge a fee, if you are placed in a position with one of the organizations they work with, they pass the cost on to the employer. Otherwise, they charge you a minimal fee.  Other types of employment agencies include employment staffing and temporary employment agencies.



Employment Services: Where to Find Employees That Have The Right Skills

Job Candiate


If you want to know where to find employees, you have to start by looking where the potential employees are spending their time. There are quite a few ways that job seekers are looking for new positions these days, but a significant majority of them are still using the most basic tool in the book: online job boards.  In some cases, the problem with using job boards, from an employer’s perspective, is simple: you only seem to get applications from people who are either desperate or apathetic.

Both of these problems have the same solution — it’s all about how you post jobs.  When you intend to get the best people for the position, you have to put in a bit more effort and be creative and use your marketing skills.  You need to have at least one person in your Employment Services division who can write. They need to create:


  • A title that says more about the job than just the job’s title — tell the job seeker what makes the position worthy of consideration. “Secretary to the President” means a lot more to a job seeker than simply stating the title as “Secretary”  Provide a description of the job that has the details relevant to a job-seeker’s life, not just their skills. Include an exact location (with address), a specific starting salary, and an accounting of the available benefits. Give them what they need to decide that this job is going to be good for their family and their social life as well as their pocketbook.
  • Body copy that sells the role to the job seeker. If you simply lay out a list of ‘needs’ and ‘wants’ and ‘don’ts, you’re going to get a bunch of people who meet those needs and wants and don’ts. If you sell the job to the crowd, you’re going to get all of those same people — but you’re also going to get a more elite crowd of qualified individuals who have turned down dozens of similar positions because they were looking for a position that stood out — and those are the people that you want most.

Tips on Where to Find Employees

Well written job postings can attract Job Seekers and may lead employers to find employees to hire for open positions within their organization.  Employers who are seeking employees may use various resources in an attempt to find valuable candidates.   It is important to remember that those seeking  job candidates may find employees to hire by searching paid websites to find employees, as well as conducting a search for employees online for free.  Employers  may also post jobs to find employees that include running help wanted ads in print,  and online.  A key on where to find good employees often lies in the fact that valuable candidates are often those that are still employed in the workplace and are often not actively seeking a new employer.   Still, a savy recruiter know where to find  employees of this status and recruit these valuable candidates.


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