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Sales Associate Job Description



Read on for a comprehensive sales associate job description. If you’re looking for a job that’s challenging, rewarding and allows you to work with others, then you may want to consider a position as a sales associate. Sales associates are employed with a variety of companies across the globe, so no matter where your interests lie, there’s a good chance you can find sales positions in that niche. For example, if fashion is your forte, consider becoming a clothing sales associate. Enjoy staying on top of technology? You can work as a sales associate for an electronics company!

Training/Education Required

In general, people who work in sales are typically responsible for working directly with customers, informing them about products, and guiding them toward making the right purchase. In some cases, sales associates may also be responsible for upselling customers.

The nice thing about working as a sales associate is that you generally don’t need any formal education aside from maybe a high school diploma or a GED in some situations. Of course, higher education (such as an associate or bachelor’s degree) doesn’t hurt.

Typically, on-the-job training is where you will learn the majority of your skills. This is where you will learn about the products or services you’ll be selling and how to work with your customers. A sales position is definitely more of a learn-as-you-go position, but the skills you learn in one sales job can follow you wherever you go.

Sales Associate Salary

What else is there to know about a sales associate job description? Well, the typical sales associate salary can vary greatly depending on whether you’re getting paid by the hour, on a commission basis, or a combination thereof. Generally, you can expect to make around $9.22 per hour working as an associate, though this can vary greatly based on your experience and skill. For instance, if you’re being paid on a commission basis, you earning potential could be much higher. Many employers also offer annual raises to sales associates, allowing you to climb the ladder more quickly than in many other positions.

Where to Find Sales Positions

If you’re interested in a job as a sales associate, you might be wondering where you can find sales positions near you. Start by figuring out your niche, and then look for local retailers or employers that may be hiring sales staff. You can also check out job boards and company websites to find and apply for many sales openings.

Now that you have a better idea of the sales associate job description and how to go about landing such a position, all that’s left to do is get out there and start submitting some applications!


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The Valuable Things Learned During a Sales Team Training Course



Attending a sales team training course can teach you valuable skills that will help you. Whether you are looking to advance to a higher position at an existing company or you want to make a career change, what you learn at a sales team training course can prove instrumental in helping you reach your career goals.

The following is a look at some of the topics that may be covered during a sales team training course.

Learning How to Be a Creative Seller

Successful sales team members must be creative sellers. That doesn’t mean they must lie about a product or make wild stories up. It means they must be able to think outside the box when it comes to interacting with a potential customer.

A sales team training course will teach you how to think on your toes when interacting with a customer. The sales team training course will help you learn how to make a quick assessment of the potential customer, determine what their needs are, and tailor your sales pitch to meet those needs. Once this is done, it can help you make the sale.

Learning Valuable Negotiation Skills

People who are the best salesmen are often the best negotiators. These people know that they have a goal in mind, but they understand that to make that sale, there must be some give/take between the salesperson and the customer.

A sales team training course will often cover basic negotiation skills. These basic skills that may be covered in various sales training courses can include learning how to gather information, building quick relationships with customers, taking the emotion out of sales discussions, and looking for better alternatives. You won’t become an expert negotiator, but you will learn enough in a sales team training course to be able to work with a customer and “close the deal.”

Learning Valuable Communication Skills

If you are unable to communicate with potential customers, chances are you won’t be able to make the sale. Basic interpersonal communication skills can be learned by attending a sales team training course.

Some of the basic interpersonal communication skills that may be learned at this sales team training course include learning how to read body language, understanding how to properly communicate key sales points and product benefits, and learning how to soft sell a product to customer.

Whether you are an experienced salesman or looking to pick up new skills to add to a resume, you can learn these valuable things and more by attending one of the many sales training and sales team training courses.  For more information, you can Google the phrases sales training, sales team training courses, sales team exercises or  sales training exercises activities.

Whatever your reasons for attending Sales Team Training be assured that it can improve your existing skills, and make you more productive and marketable in your sales career.


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