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The Dos and Don’ts of Job Placement Agencies for Job Seekers









The extremely competitive job market has forced many individuals to turn to job placement agencies for help. These agencies, which focus on connecting job seekers with potential employers that are looking for qualified employees, can help individuals find employment, but they have limitations.There are certain things these employment placement services can and cannot do for a job seeker. The following is a look at some of the advantages and disadvantages of using these agencies, which are sometimes known as headhunters.


Do – Help Job Seekers Find Job Openings/Interviews that Match Applicants Qualities/Experience/Skills

It can be hard to tell which jobs are really good matches for an individual based off an ad in the newspaper or online. Job placement agencies can eliminate the guesswork when searching for a job. These agencies can find job openings or potential interviews for positions that need a certain specific skill, level of experience, or quality.

Even if there are no current job postings that meet a job seeker’s specific skill set, it is still a good idea for he or she to have a resume on file with a job placement agency. These agencies have connections to clients/employers and jobs are constantly coming in and out. Should a job opening appear that matches a job seeker’s specific skill set or experience, the job seeker’s information is on file and can be passed on to the employer.


Don’t – Work Specifically for the Job Seeker

Many job seekers are under the impression that an employment agency actually works for them, but they really do not – they work for themselves and/or the employer that they are working to fill the job vacancy  for. Headhunters are often paid by the company/client that is looking for an employee, not the actual job seeker. This means their main goal is to find qualified candidates that can fill a position quickly.

Unfortunately, if a job seeker does not have a specific skill set or previous experience that a certain client is looking for, these agencies will not be able to provide job leads or interviews. The amount of job leads and interviews a job seeker lands will depend solely on the types of clients/businesses that come to that particular agency.


Do – Help Prepare for a Job Interview

Coming prepared to a job interview is one of the many things job seekers can do to make themselves stand out from the crowd. When a job seeker lands a job interview through a job placement agency, they will not walk into that interview unprepared.

Some job placement agencies will often help ‘prep’ an individual for a specific job interview. The agency will provide background information, specifics on the job, and even help job seekers prepare for what type of questions may be asked. The reason job placement agencies do this is they want job seekers to look good, as they are a direct reflection on the agency.

A company that offers employment placement services can even help job seekers ‘fine tune’ their interviewing skills. Many employment placement agencies require job seekers to fill out applications and conduct a screening interview, before the agency will work with them. This provides job seekers with the perfect opportunity to get experience interviewing.

There are many benefits that can come from using job placement agencies, but there are just as many drawbacks, too. It is important to think over the pros and cons of job placement agencies before signing up to use their services.

Job placement agencies in your area can be found by using the yellow pages or performing a search on the internet.  Some suggested search terms are: job placement agencies, placement agencies, employment agencies, recruiting agency, recruitment agency etc.


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