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People who want to get hired in today’s competitive workforce and  no longer wish to be unemployed should consider changing how they approach their job search. There are various job seeking tricks and techniques that can be used to help any individual quickly get hired by employers looking for qualified workers.

Why Can’t I Get Hired

Recent statistics from the United States Department of Labor: Bureau of Labor Statistics reveal that 11.3 million individuals were unemployed in August of 2013. In that same month, only 169,000 jobs were added to the job market. That means there are a lot of job seekers looking for employment in only a handful of jobs.


Send Out Multiple Resumes to Potential Employers

When looking to practically get hired today, applicants do not have the luxury to be selective about where they send their resume. The more resumes that are sent out, the better chance there is of having a potential employer follow-up for an interview – an interview that could lead to potential employment.

If looking to get hired quickly, try to develop a strategy where resumes are sent out to any potential employer that has a job opening. The more jobs that are applied to, the better your chances are of landing a job.


Follow Up with Potential Employers

Many job seekers believe that once they finish an interview with a potential employer, their job is over – but it is not. After interviewing with a potential employer, do not be afraid to follow up with them a few days later.

Following up with a potential employer shows that you have an interest in that position. It also shows the potential employer that you valued their time and wished to acknowledge that they took the time out of their day to interview you for a position.


Get Hired Job Seekers  – You Should Not Let Lack of Qualifications Stand in the Way

Individuals looking to get hired tend to read the classified ads and search for the easiest jobs, but taking a new approach to the job application process could help people get hired quickly.

Try applying for any job, especially those that look like the easiest jobs to get hired, no matter how unqualified you may be for the position. While it might appear that this would be a waste of time, you never know what other positions that potential employer may be looking to fill. If you send a resume that shows qualifications for another position, you may be hired on the spot without it ever being posted in the classifieds.

The job market is extremely competitive, which makes it hard to quickly find employment. Applying these tips and tricks to how you approach your job search may help you get hired today by employers looking for qualified workers.


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