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Interview Etiquette: What to include in a Interview Follow up email

Sending a interview follow up email is very important.  It lets the employer know that you appreciate their time and are sincere in your desire to be a part of their company. Always send an interview follow up email to let the hiring official for the company you interviewed with know that you appreciate their consideration, then send an actual snail-mail letter reiterating the same things, but adding more depth and detail.

What to include in an interview follow up email:

Thank You: Always say thank you and let the employer know that you appreciate the chance to interview with them and learn more about their company and show them more about you. But don’t go overboard. There is a fine line between gratitude and sucking up. Start your interview follow up email with a word of thanks, then close the email with a professional “thank you.” This should sufficiently get your point across without turning the hiring official off.

Recap the Interview: Select a high point or two from the interview and touch on those in the email. Let the employer know that you were impressed by something about the company (the employee satisfaction rate / low turnover rate, or the amount of new jobs the employer has brought to the community). This lets the employer know that you were paying attention at the interview, and you are truly interested in the company as a career and not just a job to earn money from.

Keep Communication Open: Close the interview follow up email by inviting the employer to call you if there are any questions or if they need more information. Let them also know that you look forward to speaking to them in the future and continuing the hiring process if you are selected.

An employer sifts through many job applications and resumes, and interviews many applicants for a position. Your interview follow up email should help you stand out from the crowd and remind the employer of who you are and what you can bring to the table. Always get your email sent within 2 business days of your interview. Don’t rush home and immediately email the employer, but send it the next business day. You don’t want to look over-eager by bombarding them with an email right away, nor do you want to look uninterested by waiting days or even weeks to follow up after the interview. Many employers hire based on a person’s pre-interview and post-interview etiquette, so make sure your manners stand out from the crowd.

***Remember following up after the interview is a very important part of the interview process.***

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