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Resume Tips That Will Help You Land Job Interviews

The difference between landing a job interview and being overlooked for a job opening could be whether or not certain resume tips were used and applied.An effective resume format can grab the attention of a prospective employer by highlighting your strengths, skills and previous work experience. Unfortunately, many job seekers just toss a resume together and send it out without much thought behind it.

If you are looking for a job, try using these dynamic resume tips. It just might help you land a job interview that leads to the job of your dreams.


Resume Guidelines


Clearly Outline Previous Work Experience

Many individuals make the mistake of assuming that the reader of the resume understands what responsibilities come with a specific job title. This causes them to just put a title down and move on, but one of the best resume tips is to be detailed about previous work experience.

Be extremely detailed about your previous work experience. When working on the resume format, outline what your job title was and include a detailed description of all responsibilities that came with that job.  Providing this detailed information will assist the interviewer in determining if you are a good fit for the job.

Clearly Outline Dates and Locations for Previous Work and Educational Backgrounds

Make sure you clearly outline the dates and locations of where you worked or attend school. This is one of the best resume tips because it allows you to give the resume reader an idea of where and when you worked at a specific place, attended college classes, and/or earned a college degree or certificate.

Provide Details Regarding Previous Employers

The reader of the resume does not know the dynamics of your previous employer, which is why you must include it on your resume. Take the time to include how many employees worked there and what industry their business focused upon.

Keep a Resume Specific and On Topic

Trying to keep a resume on topic is one of the most overlooked resume tips for job seekers. Job seekers are so eager to provide so much information about their past that they tend to stray off course.

Resume writing guidelines require you to keep information on topic. Only outline job experiences and skills that will directly relate to the prospective employee, as it will allow you to show how experienced you are for a particular position.

Prioritize Previous Job Experiences

Prioritizing previous job experiences can be one of the more difficult resume tips to follow, especially if you held numerous jobs. Try to prioritize previous job experiences based upon what is most relevant to the job. This will allow the resume reader to see what experience you bring to the table.

Carefully Weave in Career Centered Keywords into Job Descriptions

Many larger employers rely upon sophisticated software programs that are designed to analyze resumes for specific keywords and phrases. Resumes that do not have these phrases can sometimes be overlooked, which results in a missed opportunity to land a job.

When writing your resume, think like an employer and try to add words and phrases that they might search for on resumes. This will increase the likelihood of having your resume picked up by these software programs and eventually passed on to the human resource department or person in charge of hiring.

Keep the Resume Short and to the Point

Future employers do not want to spend hours reading your resume, so keep it short. An ideal length for a resume is approximately 2 pages.

Select a Resume Format that is Easy to Read

Many job seekers try to get fancy and choose unique fonts and styles when it comes to the format of their resume, but one of the best resume tips you could follow is to keep it easy to read. Select a font that is traditional – like Times Roman – and keep the format simple.

State Facts and Move to the Next Point

Don’t try to over talk specific points about your experience. State your experience in a clear, concise manner and move on to the next selling point. Do not get long-winded or fluff up your resume.

Create an Error Free Document

Mistakes happen, but when it comes to your resume try to make it error free. This means looking it over for spelling errors, grammar errors, and typos. It doesn’t hurt to have someone else look it over for mistakes.

Your resume is the key to landing a job interview with a prospective employer. Following these resume tips can help you create an amazing resume that will grab a prospective employer’s attention and make them want to interview you.


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Job Hunting Techniques: Expanding Employment Horizons by Using Multiple Job Hunting Techniques

job search seeking employment concept background
Using multiple job hunting techniques can help individuals find and potentially land a job from the thousands of job openings that are listed daily. Unfortunately many job seekers get so set in their ways that they forget to use multiple job hunting techniques. This can dramatically reduce the number of jobs that are available for job seekers.Individuals who are committed to finding employment need to improve their job hunting skills to include multiple techniques. The following are some suggestions on how to improve the job hunting techniques of those currently looking for a job.

Don’t Rely Upon Just One Employment Website

All job seekers have a favorite employment or classified website that they use as part of their job hunting techniques. While that website might be useful, it is important to diversify the websites that are used.

Diversifying the number of employment websites that are used to find a job is one of the best job hunting techniques people can use. Expanding the job search to multiple websites will improve the chances people have of finding employment, as some companies may post on one website but not another.  Using these job search techniques will help you to diversity the sites, job postings and contacts you use and make during your job search.

Use the Employment Sections on Company Websites

Searching the employment section on a company’s website is another great addition to a job seeker’s usable job hunting techniques. Many companies decide not to post job openings on social media websites or through the classifieds, and instead post them to their website. Job seekers can improve their chances of finding employment by incorporating these website sections into their job hunting techniques.

Even if a specific job posting in these website sections does not match the qualifications and skills of a particular job seeker, it still may prove to be helpful. The fact that a employer is posting job openings at all means that they are hiring. Job seekers may wish to reach out to the HR department or the company’s owner to see if there may be a potential opening yet to be advertised. These tips for job hunting can prove to be effective job search strategies and help you get your resume out there and make valuable contacts during your job search.

Create a Professional Social Media Presence

Social media platforms provide a great place to play games and connect with friends and family, but they can also be used as part of an individual’s multiple job hunting techniques. Social media is a great addition to job hunting techniques because of the abundance of networking opportunities that may help in landing a job.

Individuals who are using social media as part of their job hunting techniques need to remember to keep their online presence professional. After all, this is the image that will be portrayed to others who could network or provide recommendations to people who are hiring.

Some recommendations for job hunting skills that are extremely helpful when using social media include:

  • Watch spelling and grammar.
  • Use and post only professional photos.
  • Keep posts and status updates professional.
  • Word comments and replies to others carefully.

Jobs do not usually just appear out of nowhere. Job seekers must work to find job openings. Using multiple job hunting techniques, individuals will expand their horizons and find multiple employers that are looking for employees.

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The Many Telecommuting Benefits That Employees Can Enjoy

Employees, and their employers, are starting to see that there are many telecommuting benefits. These telecommuting benefits can range from increased work productivity to happier employees.  Below you will find the telecommuting pros and cons and telework benefits.If you are thinking of working from home or choosing a job that allows you to telecommute, here is a look at some of the many telecommuting benefits and drawbacks.

Benefit – Freedom to Create a Personalized Work Environment

Everyone has their own work environment that will help them increase productivity and creativity. Unfortunately, employers cannot create a personal work environment for every employee. This often leads some employees to feel stifled and uninspired.

One of the many advantages of telecommuting is that employees can create a personalized work environment for themselves. Employees can have control over noise levels, setup of desk and workspace, and even the AC/heat. This control allows people to create a work environment that inspires them to work and be productive.

Drawback – Potential Lack of Motivation

(Disadvantages of Telecommuting)

The individualized work environment may be one of the many telecommuting benefits employees see, but it can also be a drawback. The individualized work environment can cause employees to feel unmotivated at times and may lead to procrastination.

A lack of motivation and the potential for procrastination happens as a result of not having other employees around to offer encouraging words or to check on the status of a project. Luckily, there are things employees can do to turn this drawback into a positive.

Employees can do the following:

  • Schedule regular chat/Skype sessions with co-workers to keep motivation high
  • Take regular breaks to prevent feeling unmotivated
  • Create a structured work environment with a set schedule


Benefit – No Long Commute to Work

One of the biggest, and possibly the best, telecommuting benefits is the ability to say goodbye to the long commute to work. It is estimated that some individuals can spend more than 90 minutes in traffic just getting to work.

When employees telecommute, they are able to enjoy one of the many telecommuting benefits, which is not having to drive to and from work. Employees are able to start working almost instantaneously because all they have to do is walk to their home office.

Benefit – Flexible Schedule

The ability to create a flexible schedule is another telecommuting benefit. Employees are able to work around doctor visits, illnesses, appointments, and even family commitments.

While having a flexible schedule may seem like it could be problematic, when done properly it can be one of the many telecommuting benefits for employers and employees. Employers see increased work productivity because employees are not having to take time off of work and can work around other commitments. Meanwhile, employees can be happy that they are able to meet prior commitments without having to stress about work or taking time off.

There are numerous telecommuting benefits and drawbacks, but luckily the benefits outnumber the drawbacks. Both employees and employers should consider taking advantage of the numerous telecommuting benefits that are out there.


Find Job Search Success with the Use of these Tips and Tricks

The secret to seeing job search success lies in the process that is used. People who are dedicated and committed to the job search process will often find employment faster than those who are unorganized or unmotivated.If you wish to have job search success then consider implementing adding some or all of these tips and tricks into the process you use to look for employment.

Personalize the Application Process

It might seem quick and easy to create a generic resume and cover letter that you send out to every prospective employer, but that will not help you see job search success. Employers want to see your personality and skills shine through, which can only be done with a specialized resume and cover letter.

When applying for jobs, take the time to create a tailor-made resume and cover letter. This is your opportunity to show the prospective employer what you can bring to the company in terms of skills and experience. So take a few moments to customize the application process and you just may see job search success.

Custom-making resumes and cover letters is not the only way to personalize the application process and see job search success. Some other ways to personalize the job search process include:

  • Following up with employers after an interview or when sending an email.
  • Connecting with the company’s official social media accounts.
  • Researching the company and using that information in the cover letter.

Think of the Job Search Process as a Full-Time Job

Many job seekers treat searching for a job as something that can be done in their spare time. This attitude leads to potential mistakes being made while applying for jobs, missed opportunities, and procrastination, all of which will prevent you from seeing job search success.

Job search success can be found when you treat searching for a job as a full-time job. Time spent searching for a job includes:

  • Searching online classifieds.
  • Following up with employers.
  • Networking on social media websites.
  • Creating new resumes and cover letters for each job.
  • Interviewing for jobs.

It may seem like a lot of time to dedicate to looking for a job, but it can really pay off. People who are committed to finding a job and treat the search like a full-time job will see job search success.

Follow Application Instructions

Many job postings come with a list of instructions that the potential employer wants applicants to follow. If you wish to see job search success, you must make sure you follow all instructions.

Some tips that will help you follow application instructions and see job search success include:

  • Read over all instructions first.
  • Create emails, resumes, and cover letters to meet specifications.
  • Re-read the instructions and check that the application matches the requested instructions.

Finding a job is not easy, but there are many out there that see job search success. Try incorporating these tips and you may see job search success.


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The Best Online Jobs


Some of the best online jobs allow you to earn a living from the comfort of your own home. All it takes is a reliable Internet connection, a computer or laptop, and certain skills.

Before you pull up a chair and start applying to just any job that claims to be home-based or online, it is important to know what types of positions are legit online jobs. The following are some examples of some of the best online jobs.

Freelance Writing

There are hundreds, if not thousands, of individuals who will pay others to write for them. The type of content that needs to be created ranges from product descriptions for ecommerce websites and blog posts to employee handbooks and marketing emails.

Most freelance writers are able to work from home as long as they are able to meet project deadlines. In fact, some freelancer writers are able to work while traveling across the country.

Some skills that are required to succeed as a freelance writer, which is one of the best online jobs, include:

  • An understanding of the English language
  • The ability to convey a specific message in a set word count
  • A basic understanding of how to use word processing programs like Microsoft Word
  • Marketing skills to obtain clients
  • Research skills
  • Communication skills
  • The ability to meet deadlines

Website Developer

Website developers are specifically responsible for the creation of websites for various clients. Clients can range from major companies and corporations to startup businesses and individuals.

A website developer will create an entire website from the ground up. This typically includes a home page, subpages for services and other information, a contact page, and graphics for the website. The developer will also make sure that the website is up and running smoothly.

Some of the skills required to obtain a position as a website developer, which is one of the best online jobs, include:

  • Knowledge of HTML and CSS
  • Basic writing skills
  • Communication skills
  • Management skills, namely the ability to prioritize projects for various clients
  • Marketing skills
  • Problem-solving skills
  • Creativity
  • Ability to meet deadlines

Customer Service Agent

Many major companies and corporations are starting to outsource their customer service departments to independent contractors/freelancers or individuals who telecommute. People who are looking to start working in one of the best online jobs may want to consider looking for a customer service agent position.

There are a number of different types of customer service positions that are available to individuals who wish to work from home or online. These positions can range from a chat-based customer service agent, who answers questions through an on-site chatroom or instant messaging program, to someone who takes calls for a billing or customer service department.

Some of the skills required to succeed at this type of online job include:

  • Ability to clearly convey a specific point or message
  • Patience
  • Problem-solving skills
  • Basic skills such as working on a computer and entering data into software, writing up comments, and answering phones
  • Communication skills
  • Professionalism

These best online jobs give individuals the opportunity to earn a living without having to deal with the stress and hassle of a daily commute. You may also find that work from home opportunities are often careers from home that pay well!  If you have some or all of the skills listed above, you may want to consider applying for one of these legit online jobs.

Legitimate online jobs, and work from home jobs that pay well can be found by performing a search on  job boards. Some of the best work from home jobs can be found by performing a search on such  keywords as  “work from home”  or “legitimate work at home jobs”.   Keep in mind that legitimate online jobs should be real online jobs no scams no fees.   Additional information can be found on the best online jobs and work from home opportunities by reading the following articles.

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How to Improve Time Management Skills


Every individual, whether they are looking for a job or currently employed, could benefit from learning how to improve time management skills.Time management skills are extremely useful because they increase work productivity. When individuals are more productive, it leads to a better overall work performance that will please not only supervisors and co-workers, but clients too.

Most individuals learn time management skills over time or through hands-on experience and never realize that these skills are something that can be worked on and improved. There are several tools and tricks that are recommended for use when learning how to improve time management skills.

The following are some effective time management tips that will help improve these very valuable skills.  This information includes time management tips for the workplace or tips on how to improve personal  time management skills.  Using the information provided will help you learn how to have good time management skills.


Start Creating Lists

Many individuals assume that because they know what they are doing throughout the day, they do not need to create a to-do list, but they should. Creating lists is a very valuable tool for people who are looking for ways to improve time management skills.  Learning how to develop time management skills can be one of the most valuable skills you learn to improve your productivity.

Making a simple to-do list every day can help organize the entire workday. It allows individuals to see what needs to be done and prioritize what activities, events, or tasks are performed.

When creating a to-do list, it is important to make sure that the list is easy and short. Many individuals will create huge lists that are overwhelming to look at, but that will not help those who are looking for ways to improve their time management skills.

One of the best and most effective time management tips is to keep the lists short. This will reduce anxiety and help individuals focus on only the important tasks.


Start Creating Personal Deadlines

Almost every task or activity has some type of deadline by which it needs to be completed. Many individuals will use these deadlines to prioritize their day, but unfortunately that can lead to procrastination and delays that lead to an eventual backup.

Creating personal deadlines for all tasks and activities will help individuals who are trying to improve time management skills. Personal deadlines are those that are created by the individual. These individual deadlines are typically before the actual deadline.

Personal deadlines help individuals focus on completing a certain task before the actual deadline. This will relieve stress and can help increase productivity because the individual is not worried or stressed about missing the all-important deadline.

Unfortunately, this time management tip has the potential to be abused. People will create their own earlier deadlines, but then they may procrastinate, which could delay the project/assignment.

Self-discipline is required when setting deadlines. If there is a tendency to delay or procrastinate, try to create penalties that will encourage the individual to stay on schedule.

Time management skills are very important to possess. They will not only relieve stress, but they also will help improve work productivity. Increased work productivity will only make individuals better workers. People who are striving to do their best in their chosen profession should consider incorporating these tips on how to improve time management skills in their daily routine.


Skills and Qualities Employers Want

Competence word cloud


The key to landing a job lies in possessing the skills and qualities employers want in an employee who works for their company. While every employer’s checklist of must-have qualities and skills will vary, some traits are on every employer’s list.

Whether looking for a labor-intensive job or an office job, the following are some of the most commonly sought after skills and qualities employers look for when hiring new employees.

Skills – Problem-Solving

Employers generally value someone who can “think on their toes.” Problem-solving skills allow individuals to think outside of the box when faced with difficult situations that arise in the workplace. This ability allows employees to solve problems and keep production/work flowing smoothly throughout the day.


Qualities – Adaptability/Flexibility

The ability to adapt quickly to new situations and positions within a company is a great quality to possess when looking for employment. Employers want someone who can practically do it all, if asked. The ability to adapt quickly to a new position or job requirement allows job applicants to appear to ‘do it all’, even though they may have little – or no – experience with a specific task or assignment. This quality keeps work flowing and increases productivity, which employers like to see.

Skills – Leadership Skills Qualities

Great leadership skills are almost always looked for in potential employees. Individuals who possess a variety of leadership skills often inspire and encourage other employees to do their best. When all employees are working at their best, employers know that they are giving their clients and customers their best.

Workplaces that thrive on a teamwork environment are also looking for individuals with leadership skills qualities. Employers know that these people can create a structured work environment by being able to delegate tasks, work independently or create teams to work on projects.  Possessing the qualities of leadership skills may be just the skill that could help land you the job.

Qualities – Professionalism/Great Work Ethic

When looking for skills and qualities in a potential employee, employers often look for professionalism and/or a great — and proven — work ethic. These highly regarded personal qualities are ideal in potential employees for a number of reasons.

First, job applicants who possess these skills and qualities tend to create a better, more positive work environment. A positive work environment often leads to quicker turnaround times, better quality products, and an overall better vibe that encourages other employees to come to work on a daily basis.

Another reason professionalism and good work ethic is sought after in employees is that it shows that an individual will be willing to stick through anything. Many companies and employers regularly face challenges that can make an employee’s job difficult. Individuals who are professional and have a good work ethic often are willing to stick through the tough times and are prepared to meet any challenge that is thrown at them.

Searching for a job can be difficult, but if you possess the most desired skills and qualities you may just catch the eye of employers. After all, these skills and qualities are highly sought after by employers from all different types of industries.

The Benefits of Using Professional Resume Writers

Professional resume writers are trained to take all your valuable work experience, education, and skills and transform them into a resume that will attract the attention of human resource departments and recruiters. These people are the individuals you need to impress to land a job, but it is not as easy as it might seem.A recent survey conducted by TheLadders suggests that HR department personnel and recruiters spend only 6 seconds looking over a job applicant’s resume. That does not give you much time to make an impression, which is why having a resume written by professionals can help.

Using professional resume services allows jobs applicants to create a stellar, stand-out resume that will help land them a job of their dreams. The following are some of the benefits that can come from using professional resume writers.


Keyword Phrases and Words are Weaved into the Resume

When HR departments and recruiters are looking at your resume for 6 seconds, they are scanning it for specific keywords and phrases that stick out. Professional resume writers are trained to weave these keywords and phrases into a resume using the experience and education that you provide them.

Besides using commonly sought-after keywords and phrases, professional resume services also know what words and phrases to avoid. Many HR departments and recruiters have specific phrases and keywords that represent an inexperienced candidate for a specific position. Resume writers will try to avoid using these phrases when creating a resume.

Resume is Formatted in a Professional and Clean Style

One of the hardest tasks people have when writing their own resume is formatting. A resume that is not properly formatted will automatically be disregarded by HR departments and recruiters. Professional resume writers can help with formatting.

These individuals are trained to properly format a resume so that everything stands out to a recruiter/HR department. This can include placing contact information at the top, listing skills and qualifications, and outlining previous work experience and educational background.

Besides the proper placement of information, these resume writers will know what fonts to use. They will use fonts that are properly sized to make the entire resume look clean and professional.


An Error-Free Resume is Created and Ready for Submission

A big mistake, and one that will automatically ruin any chance of landing a specific position at a company, that many job applicants make is submitting a resume with errors. Grammar and spelling errors will make a job applicant appear unprofessional and uneducated.

Professional resume writers will create an error-free resume that is ready for submission the minute you receive it. The resume writers will take the information that you provide and write up a resume that outlines your experience, educational background, and qualifications in a way that is grammatically correct and free of any spelling errors.

A resume is your one (and sometimes only) chance to impress a recruiter or HR department. Using professional resume writers allows you submit a resume that puts your best foot forward when applying for a job.  Let one of our affiliate resume writers write you a professional, attention grabbing resume!


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The Dos and Don’ts of Job Placement Agencies for Job Seekers









The extremely competitive job market has forced many individuals to turn to job placement agencies for help. These agencies, which focus on connecting job seekers with potential employers that are looking for qualified employees, can help individuals find employment, but they have limitations.There are certain things these employment placement services can and cannot do for a job seeker. The following is a look at some of the advantages and disadvantages of using these agencies, which are sometimes known as headhunters.


Do – Help Job Seekers Find Job Openings/Interviews that Match Applicants Qualities/Experience/Skills

It can be hard to tell which jobs are really good matches for an individual based off an ad in the newspaper or online. Job placement agencies can eliminate the guesswork when searching for a job. These agencies can find job openings or potential interviews for positions that need a certain specific skill, level of experience, or quality.

Even if there are no current job postings that meet a job seeker’s specific skill set, it is still a good idea for he or she to have a resume on file with a job placement agency. These agencies have connections to clients/employers and jobs are constantly coming in and out. Should a job opening appear that matches a job seeker’s specific skill set or experience, the job seeker’s information is on file and can be passed on to the employer.


Don’t – Work Specifically for the Job Seeker

Many job seekers are under the impression that an employment agency actually works for them, but they really do not – they work for themselves and/or the employer that they are working to fill the job vacancy  for. Headhunters are often paid by the company/client that is looking for an employee, not the actual job seeker. This means their main goal is to find qualified candidates that can fill a position quickly.

Unfortunately, if a job seeker does not have a specific skill set or previous experience that a certain client is looking for, these agencies will not be able to provide job leads or interviews. The amount of job leads and interviews a job seeker lands will depend solely on the types of clients/businesses that come to that particular agency.


Do – Help Prepare for a Job Interview

Coming prepared to a job interview is one of the many things job seekers can do to make themselves stand out from the crowd. When a job seeker lands a job interview through a job placement agency, they will not walk into that interview unprepared.

Some job placement agencies will often help ‘prep’ an individual for a specific job interview. The agency will provide background information, specifics on the job, and even help job seekers prepare for what type of questions may be asked. The reason job placement agencies do this is they want job seekers to look good, as they are a direct reflection on the agency.

A company that offers employment placement services can even help job seekers ‘fine tune’ their interviewing skills. Many employment placement agencies require job seekers to fill out applications and conduct a screening interview, before the agency will work with them. This provides job seekers with the perfect opportunity to get experience interviewing.

There are many benefits that can come from using job placement agencies, but there are just as many drawbacks, too. It is important to think over the pros and cons of job placement agencies before signing up to use their services.

Job placement agencies in your area can be found by using the yellow pages or performing a search on the internet.  Some suggested search terms are: job placement agencies, placement agencies, employment agencies, recruiting agency, recruitment agency etc.


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How to Find a Job in Today’s Economy

Search jobJob seekers – whether they are recent students fresh out of college or seasoned workers who have found themselves recently unemployed – find themselves looking for tips and tricks on how to find a job.Discovering and implementing some of the following tips on getting a job can help job seekers find, apply for, and potentially land any job – maybe even their dream job. The following is some advice job seekers can use when looking for ways to find a job.

Diversify the Resources Used to Find a Job

Every month approximately 3.95 million job openings are posted across the United States, according to the United States Department of Labor’s Bureau of Labor Statistics. Unfortunately, job seekers that rely upon one resource to search for job listings will only see a small percentage of those jobs that are listed.

Job seekers need to diversify the number and type of resources they use to find posts for available job openings. Job seekers limit themselves when they only rely upon one resource, such as Craigslist or an employment website.

The best advice job seekers can use when looking for tips on how to find a job is to use a combination of resources. Job seekers should be using a combination of the following resources as ways to find a job:

  • Employment websites that specialize in connecting employers with potential employee candidates
  • Employment agencies
  • Classified websites, such as Craigslist
  • Official websites for specific companies/corporations/businesses
  • Social media websites
  • Networking websites, such as LinkedIn

Start Networking – Both In Person and Online

Networking is no longer just about building connections while at work, networking can help job seekers who are looking for ways to find a job. Networking allows individuals to create connections across a wide range of industries. When an individual loses their job or is looking to make a career switch, those connections can prove to be very helpful.

One of the most helpful tips on getting a job for current job seekers is to network both in person and online. Many job seekers will create a profile on a popular network website and believe that is enough to find a job, but it is not. It is important to create as many connections with individuals as possible and networking – both in person and online – will help to create those networks.

Some networking tips and advice for people looking into how to find a job include:

  • Keep a business card ready at all times
  • Update information, including employment history and skills, on networking websites
  • Learn how to create a 30-second ‘elevator pitch’ that talks about skills, accomplishments, and employment history
  • Attend multiple networking events held throughout the community

Taking this advice on how to find a job and implementing it into the day-to-day job search can help job seekers expand their horizons and hopefully land a job quickly.


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