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What Are Call Center Jobs and Do They Require Experienced Employees?


Call center jobs are an excellent job option for those who are interested in working with the public. A call center is typically considered a business that makes and/or accepts telephone calls from customers; however, there are a number of other employment options available through a call center service. Positions may include call center management, sales or telemarketing, online call center jobs, verification of businesses or customer information, technical support (which is an excellent option for someone with an IT background), or customer service, which may include answering customer questions or handling customer complaints.

The skills required for call center jobs vary depending on the type of position you hold. However, the basic qualifications include the ability to use a computer, operate a telephone and have an understanding of what your specific job duties entail. It is also beneficial to have previous experience with customer service and/or working in a fast paced environment. Depending on the type of call center work you are doing, you will be required to understand incoming and/or outgoing calls and possibly speaking with more than one customer or management personnel at the same time.

One of the benefits of working in a call center service is the option to work from home. Many call center jobs are outsourced to people who want to work in this industry, but prefer to work from their home and be employed in home-based call center jobs.  Although there isn’t typically a requirement for previous experience working from home, you are required to have a pleasant phone voice, clear enunciation, proper pronunciations and a calm and patient manner. In addition, some companies may require call center management experience for work-from-home positions.
Working a call center job, whether it be from home or outside the home, means you’ll be considered as a customer service representative. You will learn a range of skills, such as sales, customer support, technical experience, billing and how to handle customer complaints. There are hundreds of options as to the type of business you could work with and, in most situations, there is the opportunity to move up into a higher paying position. For example, if you work in a large call center, you may be able to move up to a trainer position or a floor supervisor.Call center jobs are legitimate work opportunities that allow you to learn new skills while working. There are a number of ways to find this type of job and the requirements are typically basic skills. The pay for working in  call center jobs varies greatly depending on the company you work for, what your position is with the company and if you choose to work from home or in a call center. More information can be found on call center jobs by referring to the additional resources section below.

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Addressing Gaps in Employment History


For many job seekers, gaps in employment history may pose challenges in the job application process.  While gaps in employment  may be viewed negatively by hiring managers, they are not insurmountable obstacles.  With a little ingenuity, most job seekers can address these gaps in a satisfactory manner and land a position they are pleased with.  If you are applying to open positions and have gaps in your employment history, here are some ways you can address those gaps.  The best technique for your specific situation will depend on the length of and the reason for the gap in employment.

Reason for a Gap in Employment that is a Few Months

Gaps in employment that are only a few months long may be addressed by slightly adjusting the dates on your resume.  Dates of employment should always be included on a resume (not including them will raise even more issues than a gap does), but the format they are included in is flexible.  If you have a gap or two of only a few months, format your employment dates in seasons, rather than months.


The Functional Resume

For more significant gaps in employment history, UC Berkeley tells its alumni to use a different resume format.  Rather than formatting your resume in a reverse-chronological order, UC Berkeley recommends using a functional resume.  This type of resume may be the best resume for employment gaps.  A functional resume includes (in this order):

  1. Qualifications – a brief statement of experience and skills
  2. Strengths – a bulleted list, with relevant experience mentioned below each strength
  3. Professional Experience – employment history, with dates
  4. Related Experience – relevant experience not gained at a job

This format acknowledges gaps in employment history, but it emphasizes the applicant’s strengths more than experience.


Explaining Gaps in Employment History

Depending on the reason for a gap in employment, it may be advisable or unadvisable to disclose it.  Obviously, if you were incarcerated or became disabled, then you should not include this reason on your resume.  If necessary, it is better to explain this in person than on a paper.  Employers, however, are prohibited by law from asking about disabilities.

If the gaps in employment history come from caring for a family member or raising children, though, you might want to mention this.  This information should not be included on your resume, but it can be included in a short, well-crafted statement on your cover letter.

Gaps in employment history should not prevent you from applying for positions you would like.  They are a challenge, but a savvy job seeker will be able to address these gaps and land a good job.


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Marketing Interview Questions and Answers

This article will  review common marketing interview questions and answers.
Preparing for a marketing interview can be a stressful process. It isn’t always easy to anticipate what a marketing interview will be about, and many marketing interview questions and answers will be used to determine both your skill and your level of experience. Before you step into your next interview, you may want to prepare for some of the most common interview questions for marketing positions.  Please review the following marketing questions and responses to interview questions.   Preparing for  marketing interview questions and answers can result in a successful interview.

Have You Ever Had a Marketing Campaign Not Go as Planned?

When asking this question, an interviewer usually wants to find out how you deal with failure. Interviewers know that some marketing campaigns just don’t go correctly from the beginning. The interviewer wants to hear that you were able to identify the problem and resolve it to the satisfaction of your client.

What Actions Do You Take to Stay Under Budget?

Many popular sample interview questions for marketing positions will be about your ability to stay under budget. Marketing firms need to stay under budget for the satisfaction of their clients, and companies with internal marketing teams know that an inefficient marketing team can bleed money. For this question, you should describe some things you usually do to keep under budget. This can include thorough planning and expense tracking along with more creative methods.

How Would You Market Our Products?

This question is an excellent example of why you should always brush up on a company and its product line before interviewing. Before interviewing with a company, you may want to look through its client list and products and formulate some marketing ideas. If you studied a product that the interviewer don’t ask about, don’t be afraid to introduce the topic yourself.

What Marketing Campaign Do You Find Compelling?

When confronted with this question, you may want to respond with a marketing campaign that closely follows the type of work the marketing agency does, or with something within the same industry. Many marketers tend to emulate the campaigns they find exciting, and an interviewer could be trying to gauge the type of work that you will produce with them.

Obtaining a marketing position isn’t all about answering tough marketing interview questions the right way. When interviewing for a marketing position, you should dress in professional attire and remain extremely confident throughout the entire process. You will need to sell yourself and your skills just as you would sell the skills of a client.  For more information on marketing interview questions and answers, please refer to the additional resources below.


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Tips on How to Write A Resume

Picture of A Resume









The most difficult aspect of finding a new job for many job seekers is learning how to write a resume.   Your resume is a one or two page summary of everything that makes you the best candidate for a job. You have to put your best foot forward and include all the relevant information that a hiring official would need to know and convince them to give you an interview. In addition, many businesses are using computerized software that scans your resume and looks for keywords. Keeping your resume relevant to the job opening allows them to find you in a sea of qualified (or not-so-qualified) applicants. You have to determine how to write a resume that will capture the employer’s attention and garner you and interview.


How to Write a Resume

* Easy-to-read. Choose a format for your resume that is easy to read. Chronological order is a very popular format for resumes. Divide your resume into sections (eduction, experience and specific skills related to the job are popular divisions). Many hiring officials scan resumes and don’t read and digest every line on the page. Use a simple format to allow the keywords you use to stand out and grab the employer’s attention.

* Concise. Until recently, the common standard for resume length was one single-spaced typed page of information.   Although one page is preferable, most people have advanced degrees, education and relevant experience and one page just isn’t enough.  If necessary, two pages is now acceptable for most jobs. Compile a list of all your education, past jobs and skills that are relevant to the position for which you are applying. While you may have other experience and education that is great, if it doesn’t apply to this particular job opening, leave it out. For example, the hiring official for a job opening for an English teacher really doesn’t care that you have a CDL (Commercial Drivers License). Likewise, the hiring official for a position where you drive over-the-road really won’t care that you took a 40-hour course in cosmetology. Since your space to advertise yourself is limited, include only relevant information so you don’t overwhelm the person reviewing your application.

* Sample Resumes. Creating a resume from a blank page can be nearly impossible if you don’t have experience creating resumes or an outline of a resume to get you started. The best way to determine how your resume should look is to find free sample resumes or resume templates and base your resume off them. You can find sample resumes and resume templates online or in many books for job seekers at your local library. Many books also feature an outline of a resume for you to use to help you create your own resume.

The best place to go for advice on how to write a resume is a professional resume writer that specializes in services for job seekers. Here at, we can connect you with resume writers that will write you a resume that will grab the attention of the employer and help you land the job.    Contact us today to get started!

For more information on how to write a resume, please reference the material below.

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Common IT Interview Questions


Preparing for IT Interview Questions

If you are looking for a career in the IT field, it is important to prepare yourself for your interview with a list of common IT  Interview Questions. This will enable you to shine in an interview so you can land the job that is right for you. When you are preparing for your interview, it is helpful to compile a list of common Information Technology Interview Questions to help you get started. You can use these technical interview questions and IT Interview Questions to help you create answers that you can easily use during an interview.


A typical session of Information Technology Interview Questions starts off with IT Interview Questions about your education and where you received your degree. Keep this specific to your IT education, unless the interviewer wants you to expand on other education opportunities that you have taken advantage of. This will allow the interviewer to get a grasp of what you have learned through formal education, and when your received your education. This is especially important to the IT field, as technology is constantly changing and adapting to meet new challenges.


Other important technical interview questions involve your experience in the Information Technology career field. Prospective employers want to know what systems and processes you are experienced with, so they can determine whether you will be a good fit for their IT department. Note that it is not necessary that you work with the exact hardware and software that they use in their company; just that you have a grasp of the concepts and processes of similar systems.

Skills and Knowledge

If you have other skills and knowledge that are not covered in the education and experience portion of the IT Interview Questions, the interviewer will most likely allow you an opportunity to discuss these before the interview concludes. It is important to put your best foot forward and show the interviewer what you can bring to the company, so don’t forget to showcase these things.

When you are looking for a career in the Information Technology career field, it is important to fully prepare yourself so you can stand head and shoulders above the competition. Thorough preparation builds confidence and translates through your answers to show the prospective employer what you can bring to the table. If you are looking to gain interview and resume skills or improve on your current skills, there are many resources available to you. You should target your resume for jobs in the Information Technology field and then make sure you are prepared for an interview. This will help you land the job that is right for you. lists a number of useful resources including IT Interview Questions for specific technical jobs which can be found at the IT Interview Questions for Technical job’s page. Additional information regarding Information Technology Interview Questions including free sample interview questions,  employer interview questions that include Technical Questions  can also be found at’s, IT Interview Questions page.

The Importance of Using Resume Cover Letter Templates

Example of Cover Letter Templates

Cover letter templates can serve as a guide for creating cover letters.  When applying for a job, it is customary to include a resume and a cover letter.   The cover letter can actually be as important or even more important than the actual resume.  This serves as a brief one-page advertisement of you, letting the employer know just why they should hire you and what you can bring to the table that other applicants can’t. Using the proper format, or utilizing a cover letter template, can mean the difference between getting the job you want and being passed over for another applicant.

What Are the Benefits of Templates for Cover Letters?

Cover letter templates help you to ensure that you have the proper cover letter format. They also prompt you to include the relevant information that an employer needs to see to make you their first choice for hiring. These templates can also save you hours of time; they eliminate the need to start from scratch with every letter. You can simply change the relevant information in the letter for each job you apply to, and there is no need to compose a brand-new cover letter for each job.


Where Do You Find Cover Letter Templates?

You can find these templates in a variety of places. Books for job seekers are a great starting place. You can obtain these books online, or if you are strapped for cash, check out your local library; every library has a section of resources for job seekers. You can also find templates for your cover letter online. When doing a search, you will come up with millions of pages of results, so be very careful when choosing a template for your own use, and look through many before settling on a few that meet your needs. You can also enlist the services of an employment agency or career center to help you with this task.


How Many Templates Should You Have?

You should have a couple of cover letter templates on file. A good rule of thumb is to have one general template that can be tweaked for any type of job that you choose to apply for. Then, if you are applying for several different types of jobs, have a template for each type of job. You can then change the relevant information each time you use the template, and a lot of work will be eliminated.


If you are currently looking for a new job or a better job and need assistance composing a cover letter to send along with your resume, can help! We can assist you with your cover letter and resume, and connect you with professional resume writers, as well as every other aspect of the job hunt.



Some examples of cover letters  can be found on under  Resume and Letters. also offers  cover letter templates that you may download and use to create your cover letter.

How to Become a Virtual Assistant

Virtual Assistant

Learning how to become a virtual assistant can be a smart career move. The number of these types of jobs are on the rise. Many people are turning to this career field to replace a full-time income or supplement as a part-time source of funds. A virtual office assistant can work in a variety of fields, to include administrative, legal, medical, financial and virtual data entry jobs; the list is endless. These jobs offer you flexibility in scheduling.  As you learn how to become a virtual assistant  in this field you will find that the job will also provide you with the opportunity to do something different every day, while still working with others from the comfort of your own home. Getting started can be difficult, but it’s not impossible if you have a plan.

How to Set Up Your Work Space

As you learn how to become a virtual assistant, you will find that  it requires an easy office setup. These types of  jobs typically require a dedicated workspace, separate from your living area. You should have a desk with plenty of room to work, adequate storage for files, and a computer with good Internet access. A phone and other office equipment are also necessary, depending upon the services you offer. Keeping your work area organized will help you be more productive and increase your virtual assistant salary. Your work area should also be quiet with very few distractions, so you can stay focused and provide great service.

Determine What Services You Will Offer

Some of the steps you should take when preparing for these types of positions is that you need to determine what services you plan to offer as a virtual office assistant. These can include research, report creation and database management, files management; the possibilities are endless. You can then create a fee schedule based on each particular task and how much time the task will take you to complete. This will help you give accurate quotes to clients before they retain your services. You won’t feel underpaid and they will know up-front what they will be expected to pay for your work.

Market Your Virtual Assistant Business

After you set up shop and are aware of how to become a virtual assistant you will need to know what kind of virtual assistant jobs you will be taking on, it is time to market yourself to prospective clients. It can be helpful to enlist the services of a company that specializes in this, to help you reach more customers. The possibilities are endless; you can advertise in local media, online or even sign up for websites that will help connect you with clients that need your services.

It’s important to have an updated resume to not only help you increase your chances of making a successful career for yourself as a virtual office assistant, but also to increase your virtual assistant salary. offers career services that include self help tools that  can help you with every aspect of this process, from setting up a cover letter and resume, to pursuing online training for this field. We provide online employment resources to make your job search or transition as easy as possible.  Additional information on this topic can be found online by searching for the keyword phrase how to become a virtual assistant or virtual assistant jobs.


Virtual Assistant Job Openings can be found on the following Sites:



Additional Resources:

Virtual Assistant Training

Sales Interview Questions and Answers

Beautiful black woman with headset

Preparing for Sales Interview Questions

When preparing for an interview in the customer service field, it is important to research sales interview questions and answers. Common customer service interview questions can range from basic things like how to speak with customers, to more involved questions on how to handle different scenarios. When you are looking for a job in the customer service arena, it is important to fully prepare yourself with a list of sales interview questions and sales interview tips so you can impress the hiring official. Compiling a list of common customer service interview questions will allow you to familiarize yourself with the questions you might be asked, and prepare the answers that you will give. The following are some sales interview questions and topics that you might encounter during an interview.

Basic Questions

Every interviewer will ask basic sales interview questions, such as your education and experience in sales and customer service. Training a new person from the ground up is a lot more involved than retraining someone with prior customer service experience, so it’s important to make note of your training and experience during an interview, so the hiring official can get a grasp on what you will bring to the job.

Sales Interview Questions

You may also be asked questions on basic sales skills and how you get a customer interested and make a sale. These questions may be small questions, such as how to greet customers and ask if they need assistance. They may also range to questions regarding difficult customers and hard sales. Your answers to these questions will allow an interviewer to understand what type of sales techniques you bring to the job.


When conducting an interview in this field, it is common for an interviewer to use a list of common customer service interview questions that involve scenarios and some role playing exercise. These questions allow the interviewer to gauge your people skills and your reactions to different situations. You want to remain calm and think through your answers before you give them. Don’t be afraid to take a moment to think of the correct answer, or practice with a list of common Sales Interview Questions and Answers before you begin the interview.

If you are looking for a job in the customer service arena and would like some sales interview tips and tricks, there are many resources available to you. also provides a list of  free sample interview questions and employer interview questions at  Sales Interview Questions and Answers.

Selecting the Best Free Resume Templates

Professional resume



When you are writing a resume, you can always find free resume templates online. If you do a quick search of the online world, you’ll get millions of results for free resume templates. Most of these templates are great, but the choices can be overwhelming. That’s why you need to narrow your search down before you begin. There are several types of resume formats you can use; the one you choose will depend upon your individual needs and style.

The Best Resume Format to Use

* Chronological

The chronological resume format is the most popular. The meaning is simple – you list your experience, education and other relevant information in the order that it happened. Most experts advise job seekers to list the most recent items first. This format is simple to write and can show employers what you’ve been up to lately.

* Functional

If you are switching careers or have been out of the work force for a while, the functional resume is probably the best resume format for you. This resume lets you focus on your skills and experience, so you show the employer what you know.

* Combination

This resume lists your skills and abilities first, followed by your work experience. This is a great way to let an employer know what you can bring to the table, while showcasing your solid work history.

* Technical

A technical resume is a great choice when you want to highlight particular technical education and job skills that you’ve obtained. This type of resume is most often used when applying for jobs in the IT industry. These resumes are fairly simple to put together, but if you need a little assistance creating your own, you can usually find free resume templates to help expedite this process.

When you are applying for a new job, your resume is sometimes your only chance to make a great first impression. As a result, you should make sure it’s perfect and will grab the hiring official’s attention. Free resume templates can help you get started, and if you have the patience, can be a great starting point as you write the perfect resume.

Contact us today at Customer or call (978)921-5600 and let us help you get started! has several different resume writing options available that include free resume templates, a free resume builder, and professional resume writers that can assist you with the resume writing process.


What to Include on A College Resume

Sample of a College Resume


We have put together a primer on how to write a college resume to help you know exactly what to say to land the job you want!  For job seekers who are still in college or have recently graduated, it can be difficult to find enough information to include on your resume to make it stand out and get a prospective employer’s attention. Your resume needs to take your skills, education and experience and make the employer take notice.



College Resume Outline

Education: Your college education information is the most obvious aspect of your college resume. Make sure you include your degree program and any relevant or outstanding courses that other graduates of the same program might not have taken. Also include any academic awards or honors you received for your coursework.

Experience: List any relevant work experience that you have on your college resume. Ensure that it is relevant to the job you are trying to get – if you include non-relevant work experience, the employer is more likely to toss your resume in the trash. You can also put a well-worded sentence or two about each job, to list your duties and how they relate to the job that you are applying for.

Activities & Memberships: Use this section to showcase your relevant activities and professional or organizational memberships that apply to the job you are going after. These entries are just as important on a college resume as they are on other types of resumes. They also let the employer know that you are willing to go above and beyond the minimum required to better yourself and make a positive impact on others. If you don’t hold any professional memberships, look up the local or state-sanctioned professional organization for your career field and inquire about a college or student membership. These memberships are usually offered free of charge or at a very reduced cost, and offer a vast number of benefits to members.

Skills: It helps to include a brief list of the relevant skills that you have acquired on your college resume. This helps the employer determine if you are a good fit for the job. Don’t overdo it, and only list skills that would be beneficial in the job you are applying for.


College Resume Resources:

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Contact us today by phone at (978) 921-5600 or by email at and let us help you get started on the search for that perfect job!  If you are a current college student or have recently graduated, you don’t have to go through the job search alone. can help. We offer a huge variety of services to job seekers that include resume assistance and our services can help you  write a college resume. We can connect you with professional resume writers who can create a college resume from scratch, or improve upon a resume that you already have.




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