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Sales Interview Questions and Answers

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Preparing for Sales Interview Questions

When preparing for an interview in the customer service field, it is important to research sales interview questions and answers. Common customer service interview questions can range from basic things like how to speak with customers, to more involved questions on how to handle different scenarios. When you are looking for a job in the customer service arena, it is important to fully prepare yourself with a list of sales interview questions and sales interview tips so you can impress the hiring official. Compiling a list of common customer service interview questions will allow you to familiarize yourself with the questions you might be asked, and prepare the answers that you will give. The following are some sales interview questions and topics that you might encounter during an interview.

Basic Questions

Every interviewer will ask basic sales interview questions, such as your education and experience in sales and customer service. Training a new person from the ground up is a lot more involved than retraining someone with prior customer service experience, so it’s important to make note of your training and experience during an interview, so the hiring official can get a grasp on what you will bring to the job.

Sales Interview Questions

You may also be asked questions on basic sales skills and how you get a customer interested and make a sale. These questions may be small questions, such as how to greet customers and ask if they need assistance. They may also range to questions regarding difficult customers and hard sales. Your answers to these questions will allow an interviewer to understand what type of sales techniques you bring to the job.


When conducting an interview in this field, it is common for an interviewer to use a list of common customer service interview questions that involve scenarios and some role playing exercise. These questions allow the interviewer to gauge your people skills and your reactions to different situations. You want to remain calm and think through your answers before you give them. Don’t be afraid to take a moment to think of the correct answer, or practice with a list of common Sales Interview Questions and Answers before you begin the interview.

If you are looking for a job in the customer service arena and would like some sales interview tips and tricks, there are many resources available to you. also provides a list of  free sample interview questions and employer interview questions at  Sales Interview Questions and Answers.

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