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Selecting the Best Free Resume Templates

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When you are writing a resume, you can always find free resume templates online. If you do a quick search of the online world, you’ll get millions of results for free resume templates. Most of these templates are great, but the choices can be overwhelming. That’s why you need to narrow your search down before you begin. There are several types of resume formats you can use; the one you choose will depend upon your individual needs and style.

The Best Resume Format to Use

* Chronological

The chronological resume format is the most popular. The meaning is simple – you list your experience, education and other relevant information in the order that it happened. Most experts advise job seekers to list the most recent items first. This format is simple to write and can show employers what you’ve been up to lately.

* Functional

If you are switching careers or have been out of the work force for a while, the functional resume is probably the best resume format for you. This resume lets you focus on your skills and experience, so you show the employer what you know.

* Combination

This resume lists your skills and abilities first, followed by your work experience. This is a great way to let an employer know what you can bring to the table, while showcasing your solid work history.

* Technical

A technical resume is a great choice when you want to highlight particular technical education and job skills that you’ve obtained. This type of resume is most often used when applying for jobs in the IT industry. These resumes are fairly simple to put together, but if you need a little assistance creating your own, you can usually find free resume templates to help expedite this process.

When you are applying for a new job, your resume is sometimes your only chance to make a great first impression. As a result, you should make sure it’s perfect and will grab the hiring official’s attention. Free resume templates can help you get started, and if you have the patience, can be a great starting point as you write the perfect resume.

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