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What to Expect from Temporary Employment Agencies


If you are between jobs or are just looking for additional work to fill a gap, temporary employment agencies are a great place to check out. These agencies provide several great benefits to job seekers, and their services are offered at no cost to you. Temp agencies pay their bills by charging employers a small fee, so they can offer their services to job seekers free of charge. There are many benefits of working for temp agencies.

Benefits of Temporary Employment Agencies

* Temporary Jobs: Temporary jobs offer several benefits to workers. You get a feel for a particular type of job or a business, and can determine if it’s something you want to do on a long-term basis. You aren’t locked into a job that you can’t stand. If you like a change of scenery once in a while, temporary jobs also offer this. Many temporary jobs can last from one day to a week, while others can last several weeks to several months, depending upon the needs of the employer.

* Permanent Jobs: Many employers use temporary employment agencies as a way to screen employees before hiring them. These jobs are called temp-to-perm jobs, meaning that the employer keeps you on the payroll as a temporary employee for a certain amount of time. If they enjoy your work, they can hire you permanently after you’ve been there a while. Most temp agencies require that you work as a temp employee for a set number of weeks before an employer can hire you on a permanent basis.

* Insurance Benefits: Many temporary employment agencies offer insurance benefits for employees and even family members, as long as the temporary employee works a specified number of hours within a specified number of months and maintains employment with the agency past that time. This insurance usually carries a low cost and encompasses health, dental and vision benefits. Each employment agency is different, so if insurance benefits are important to you, check this out before committing to one agency.

* Additional Services for Job Seekers:  Temporary employment agencies offer other benefits for job seekers, such as resume help and assistance in finding jobs. Each agency offers different services, so check  out temporary employment agencies thoroughly before selecting one to work with you.

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