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How to Answer Basic Job Interview Questions

Many people get nervous before a job interview, wondering how to answer job interview questions. The best advice is to just be honest when you answer common interview questions, but don’t offer extra information above and beyond what the hiring official asks you. Use this list of common interview questions to help you prepare. It helps to write out the answers to these job interview questions, then practice saying them as if you were at an interview. You want your answers to job interview questions to sound polished and professional, but not rehearsed.

List of Common Interview Questions:

“What salary are you willing to accept?” is a job interview question that is often asked. Be honest. If they can’t afford to hire you, it’s only fair to let them know up front so they don’t waste your time continuing with the interview process. But don’t throw out a huge number that is out of the realm of possibility, either. It helps to throw out a number and let them know that your price is negotiable, in case they are able to work their budget around your needs.

“Why did you leave your last job?” is another job interview question. This is perhaps one of the most difficult questions to answer, especially if you left under bad terms. Let the prospective employer know that you and your previous employer had different goals, or were moving in different directions and you decided to part ways. If they want you to elaborate, try to keep things positive.  Never, under any circumstances, bad-mouth or trash-talk your previous employer. That makes you look bad, and makes the employer want to steer clear of you, so they don’t end up on the receiving end some day.

“Why do you want to work for us?” is an important job interview question. This is a common interview question, but may be hard to answer. Many people just need a job and some kind of income, and don’t care where they work, as long as the job isn’t miserable. However, telling a prospective employer that you want to work for them because you need money doesn’t really cast you in a great light. Without going overboard and looking like you are kissing up, let the employer know that their company has a great reputation with high employee satisfaction, that the company appears to be going great places, and you want to be a part of it.

Job interview questions are designed to get a feel for you as a person. Remember to stay positive. A great attitude will go great lengths to help you land the perfect job! offers interview coaching options that  include professional interview coaching material or live interview coaching.  These programs will provide you with job interview questions and answers and prepare you for the job interview, for more information Click Here.



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