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Tips on How to Write A Resume

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The most difficult aspect of finding a new job for many job seekers is learning how to write a resume.   Your resume is a one or two page summary of everything that makes you the best candidate for a job. You have to put your best foot forward and include all the relevant information that a hiring official would need to know and convince them to give you an interview. In addition, many businesses are using computerized software that scans your resume and looks for keywords. Keeping your resume relevant to the job opening allows them to find you in a sea of qualified (or not-so-qualified) applicants. You have to determine how to write a resume that will capture the employer’s attention and garner you and interview.


How to Write a Resume

* Easy-to-read. Choose a format for your resume that is easy to read. Chronological order is a very popular format for resumes. Divide your resume into sections (eduction, experience and specific skills related to the job are popular divisions). Many hiring officials scan resumes and don’t read and digest every line on the page. Use a simple format to allow the keywords you use to stand out and grab the employer’s attention.

* Concise. Until recently, the common standard for resume length was one single-spaced typed page of information.   Although one page is preferable, most people have advanced degrees, education and relevant experience and one page just isn’t enough.  If necessary, two pages is now acceptable for most jobs. Compile a list of all your education, past jobs and skills that are relevant to the position for which you are applying. While you may have other experience and education that is great, if it doesn’t apply to this particular job opening, leave it out. For example, the hiring official for a job opening for an English teacher really doesn’t care that you have a CDL (Commercial Drivers License). Likewise, the hiring official for a position where you drive over-the-road really won’t care that you took a 40-hour course in cosmetology. Since your space to advertise yourself is limited, include only relevant information so you don’t overwhelm the person reviewing your application.

* Sample Resumes. Creating a resume from a blank page can be nearly impossible if you don’t have experience creating resumes or an outline of a resume to get you started. The best way to determine how your resume should look is to find free sample resumes or resume templates and base your resume off them. You can find sample resumes and resume templates online or in many books for job seekers at your local library. Many books also feature an outline of a resume for you to use to help you create your own resume.

The best place to go for advice on how to write a resume is a professional resume writer that specializes in services for job seekers. Here at, we can connect you with resume writers that will write you a resume that will grab the attention of the employer and help you land the job.    Contact us today to get started!

For more information on how to write a resume, please reference the material below.

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