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Occupational Outlook Handbook,  Source: Bureau of Labor Statistics.  Provides information on a variety of topics related to careers.   Hundreds of careers are listed that cover a broad range of professions such as Accountants, Computer Programmers, Dentists, Physicians, etc.  This material is broken down into sections such as Nature of Work which is a description of the work being performed;  Training, Other Qualifications and Advancements  that provides education and experience requirements;  an Employment section that includes employment statistics such as the number of jobs held each year; Job Outlook which indicates the projected job growth for each career;  Earnings which indicate projected earnings for each career, and a Related Occupations section that include occupations with similar functions.   We hope you find this information helpful. 

National Occupational Employment and Wage Estimates, Source:  Bureau of Labor Statistics.  Provides employment wages by occupation. 

Exploring Career Information for Students, Source:  Bureau of Labor Statistics.  Provides career information on how to select a profession by matching interest with professions. 

Career Guide to Industries, Source:  Bureau of Labor Statistics.  Similar to the Occupational Outlook Handbook, this Career Guide is for  Industries.  Select an industry and read a description of what the industry does, which professions are employed in it along with their entry-level training requirements and advancement opportunities, and the overall ten-year outlook.   You can also find data on the industry’s current employment, number of businesses, salaries by occupation or industry segment, and ten-year employment projections.

O*Net Online, A Career exploration and job analysis tool.

Career Videos and more, Source:, View job and career videos.

Career Profiles and Required Training, Source:  Provides detailed career profiles and educational requirements and names of institutions that provide training for specific professions.  Lists Job Responsibilites, Job Characteristics, Median Pay, Job Growth projections, Education, Certification, Licensing requirements and other valuable resources including online videos.

Occupations by Education Level and Projected Growth, Source: Bureau of Labor Statistics. The "Postsecondary training category search" will help you find which jobs require a certain level of education or training. The "Occupation search" allows you to compare over 700 occupations by employment size, projected employment growth, earnings, and the most significant source of postsecondary education or training.

Occupational Employment and Wages by Area, Source:  Burea of Labor Statistics.  Occupational employment and wages by area can help you find out where a certain occupation is prevalent and how much you might expect to get paid for that occupation in different areas. This data is available at the national, State, and metropolitan area levels.

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