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Following up after a Job Interview

Candidate following up after an interivew Following up after a job interview is an important way to establish with the interviewer that you are still interested in the position. Usually the job interview follow up can be done in two ways; a follow up thank you letter and a follow up phone call. Both methods are acceptable and it is really up to you and your preference to determine how you follow up with an interview. The reason you want to follow up is a simple one. By sending a thank you note or calling the company you are once again establishing your interest in the position and you are taking one more opportunity to get your name out there. Chances are, the interviewer is going to be speaking with numerous candidates and if you fail to stand out you can easily be lost among the other applicants. At the end of the interview, ask the interviewer for their business card. This will ensure that you have the interviewers contact information including their proper name, title and correct spelling of the interviewer. You can then focus on contacting the interviewer after the interview with a follow up phone call and a follow up thank you letter.  

The Follow Up Thank you Letter

Sending a follow up thank you letter is an old fashioned way to demonstrate your gratitude. By sending out this letter you are letting the interviewer know that you appreciate the time they took and their consideration for the position. You will want to send a short letter to everyone involved in the interview process. If there were three interviewers involved make sure to send a letter to each one. The letters should include:
  • Gratitude for their time
  • Appreciation for the information they shared
  • Mention your strengths briefly
  • Mention how you look forward to working with the company
  • Full name and contact information
The tone of the follow up thank you letter should be professional and formal. It can either be hand written or typed. Do not send the thank you letter through email. You want to show that you care enough to take the time and effort to actually mail off the letter instead of simply drafting and email and clicking ‘send’. The follow up thank you letters should be sent out within two or three days after the first interview.  

The Follow Up Phone Call

Following up after a job interview can even include placing a simple phone call. This is usually done when an interviewer promises to contact you at a certain date. If this is the case you do not want to call the company before that date. It is customary to wait until the day after the arranged contact date. If the interviewer told you to expect a call back on Tuesday you will wait until Wednesday or by the latest Thursday to give them a call. Try to remember that people are sometimes inundated with work so do not immediately assume the worse and think that the company is not interested in hiring you. If you did not receive a call back the interviewer could just be busy. When you make the follow up phone call keep these tips in mind;
  • Be courteous
  • Be professional
  • Do not be accusatory
  • Start the conversation by stating your full name and the position you applied for.
  • Do not sound desperate
The point of the phone call and following up after an interview is to establish that you truly are interested in the position. The phone call is a way to show the interviewer that you are serious about the opportunity and are willing to pursue it if necessary. You do not want to be confrontational and avoid phrases such as; ‘Why haven’t you called me yet” or “You said you would contact me but you did not.” Do not simply assume the worse if you fail to hear back from the interviewer. Following up after a job interview is just another step in the interview process. Remember, following up after a job interview in a professional manner is a crucial step toward gaining an employers favor, but do not sound needy or desperate.  

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