How to Become an Auditor: What You Need to Know



If you’re interested in a career in finance at the government level, then you may be wondering how to become an auditor. This can be a very challenging, interesting, and rewarding position—especially for those who enjoy crunching numbers. All levels of government typically hire their own internal and external auditors, so whether you envision yourself working for a city, state, or even the Federal government, you can land an auditor position with the right amount of education and experience.

What Does an Auditor Do?

Before you decide that an auditor position is right for you, it’s helpful to understand what an auditor does—especially one who works for a government agency. Essentially, government auditors work to ensure that public funds are being used as mandated and that those spending the funds are doing so in such a way that follows regulations and laws. Government auditor positions are especially important due to the accountability that comes with appropriating and spending public funds.

Requirements to be an Auditor:

Auditor Education Requirements

So, now that you understand the answer to the question “what does an auditor do?,” you’re  probably wondering how to become an auditor, and specifically, how to become an auditor for the government. Well, there are a few steps you’ll need to follow.  Wondering if you need a degree to become an auditor?  For starters, you’ll need to complete at least an Associate’s degree in a relevant field, such as accounting, business management, or even financial record-keeping. Depending on the level of government at which you want to work, you may be required to have a higher degree, such as a Bachelor’s or even a Master’s degree.

Considering an Internship

While a degree is typically the main requirement in terms of how to become an auditor, most government offices will also prefer that you have a certain amount of experience working in your field. This is where it can be helpful to complete an internship (whether it be with a government agency or elsewhere) prior to applying for government-level jobs. Many government offices hire interns in auditing positions and go on to hire them full-time at the completion of their internships.

How to Become a Certified Auditor

You may also find it beneficial to become a certified auditor.  For more information please visit The Institute of Internal Auditors.  You may also google the phrase “How to Become a Certified Auditor” for more information on this topic.

Gaining Real-World Experience

Of course, even if you cannot find an internship, you can always gain experience by working with a private firm for a year or so before applying to government positions. Not all offices will require prior experience, but in a competitive job market, it can certainly help.

Now that you have a better understanding of how to become an auditor for the government, the next step is to find the degree program that’s right for your needs. From there, you’ll have figured out how to become an auditor and will be well on your way to a successful career in a government position.


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