Interview Prep II

Interview Prep
Structured vs Unstructured Interviews- Today’s new hires must pass a rigorous barrage of interviews to prove they are the best candidate for a job. This includes not just structured interviews but unstructured as well. Don’t get intimidated; this article gives you the info you need to be prepared.

Informational Interview- The Informational interview is a great tool used by those interested in a particular field. This interview is designed to gather information on a field without the added stress and rigors of an interview for employment.

Phone Interview-A Phone interview is an invaluable tool that employers use to thin the crowd of potential applicants. The interview lasts only a few minutes but is an important step towards being hired. If you perform well during a phone interview you will be asked to come in for a physical interview.

Screening Interviews-Screening interviews are used by companies who are interested in an applicant but want to make sure that the candidate will be a right fit for the company. Often performed by a human resource representative these interviews focus on getting to know the candidate’s personality and characteristics. It is important to make a good impression during this process to insure future interviews.

One-on-One Interviews-The all important One-on-One interview is the fundamental barrier to obtaining any job. Nothing else in your history or portfolio matters quite as much as your performance in this type of interview. With this article, you can be confident and prepared to do your best.

Group Interviews- In today’s economy where applicants outnumber jobs by a huge margin, interviewers are increasingly turning to group interviews as a way to find the right candidate. There are three types of group interviews which will evaluate your skills and how ability to communicate and share ideas.While these interviews may seem intimidating they can work in your favor if you know how to properly handle it.

Portfolio Interview- A professional portfolio interview allows the interviewer to see your abilities and skill in a tangible form. Demonstrating your ability to perform and produce on the spot is a crucial component to this interview strategy. More and more companies are looking to this method as they interview potential employees.

Shadow Interview-Shadow interview is used to evaluate potential employee’s willingness to learn. By shadowing the candidate is able to see the day to day tasks involved in the position. This process allows management to evaluate how well the candidate interacts with others through the questions and comments that are made during the day.

Case Interview-Case interview is used by employers that specialize in highly logical and analytical fields. Most of the interviews feature a problem or situation that the candidate must solve.The methodology as well as interactions within a group is all analyzed by the employers.

Performance-Based Interview-Performance-based interview is a technique used by employers to gain a better understanding of a candidate’s skill. By asking the candidate to perform a task the interviewer is better able to evaluate whether or not that candidate is suitable for the position.Performance-based interview is perfect for interviewers who want to make sure that applicants’ skill levels are where they need to be.

Videoconferencing Interview-A videoconferencing interview is used by companies who are looking to save money on travel expenses. Applicants are able to participate in the interview no matter where the company is located. This has several benefits both the company and the individual.

Lunch Interview-Lunch interviews canbe extremely stressful because in addition to being ready to demonstrate theirskills and answer questions, applicants must also be on their toes aboutetiquette and manners.

Stress Interview-Stress interview is a method of interview that is used by employers who desire to place the candidate under a certain amount of stress. Questions come fast and furious with little to no room to breathe. Candidates should attempt to handle this interview as best as they can and should remember to remain calm and just breathe.http://

Computer Assisted Interviews-Computer-assisted job interviews are increasing in popularity with companies that are searching for ways to reduce costs. These interviews are done through the computer either on site or through the internet. Candidates are instructed to take a series of tests and scenarios to determine their eligibility.