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If you’re looking for jobs in Massachusetts, then you’re off to an excellent start. The pursuit of employment is a challenging prospect. Given the state of the economy, it’s no surprise then that getting ahead is a matter of hard work and a little bit of luck.

As one of the founding states of America, Massachusetts enjoys both a thoroughly developed history, quality culture, and a robust economy. In 2008, the state produced no less than $365 billion in gross product. Not only that, but for the same year the average income for an individual was reported to be $50,735. These figures stand solid for 2012, and with that said you can certainly inject a healthy sense of optimism into your job search.

Of course, a region is only as good as the companies that inhabit it, but be assured that this state has quality enterprises. Currently, thirteen companies that have made the Fortune 500 list are located here. Not only that, but experts from numerous journalism magazines have stated that Massachusetts ranks in the top five states in America for business. This is a state that takes the promises of the future to heart.  

High Demand Jobs in Massachusetts

Jobs in Massachusetts range across numerous high-profile industries. Areas with high demand to look out for include professional, scientific and business; leisure and hospitality; education and health services; information activities; retail trade and transportation. However, one of the most prestigious and extensively developed specialty fields is found in biotechnology. If you’re interested in the best of medical science, then you can’t do much better than to start your search in the commonwealth.

Even in this economy, the unemployment rate stays steady at a very low number. As of February 2012, Massachusetts has managed to reduce the number of jobless to 6.9%.* This is below the national average, and puts the state ahead of dozens of others in the road to recovery.

The state is also quite green. Not just literally speaking, but also in terms of energy production and efficiency. Massachusetts in 2011 was ranked as the most energy-efficient state in the country, and continues to aggressively compete for better standards in energy production and distribution. If you’re pursuing a career in wind energy or affordable developments, there are few better areas to look for employment.

Furthermore, transportation is extremely convenient and affordable. Massachusetts enjoys a highly developed and intelligent grid for driving, reducing traffic congestion and increasing the convenience of owning a vehicle. Of course, there are numerous inexpensive ways to get around that are highly encouraged and pursued by progressive city development. Bus transit exists in all major metropolitan areas, and dozens of dedicated bike lanes can be found as well.

Education plays a big role in the state economy, and with universities like Harvard and MIT, it’s easy to see why this region maintains a strong reputation for excellence. Teachers appreciate a high demand for their talents, regardless of their expertise. 

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Many other things can be said about the commonwealth, but in the end, your search for jobs in Massachusetts should prove to be both painless and come to a relatively brief and satisfactory conclusion.  

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