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One of the most difficult tasks an employer faces when looking for employees is the need to find the best and most qualified candidate for a particular position. Finding qualified candidates to interview  will not only save time when it comes to the interview process, but it will help improve workplace efficiency by making sure the right person is picked for a job.

Unfortunately, finding a qualified candidate can be difficult when looking for employees due to the hundreds, if not thousands, of people looking for a job. Luckily, there are a few things employers can do to find qualified individuals and help make the job candidate search easier.


Job Boards and Recruiters

Due to the advances in technology, employer job posting strategies have changed significantly over the last 5 years . Employers are posting job vacancies online with professional services for one excellent reason -- that's exactly where job seekers are looking for employment.

If your looking for employees, there are other reasons employers are using online job posting services. If you are lucky you may even find job boards that are free job posting websites. However, be aware of the drawbacks to using a free posting service.  Most likely your posting will appear in what is called an "organic" listing.  Read more about "organic listings" below. In any event, subscription services are cost effective compared to the cost of running print advertisements. Employers can broadcast their job openings to millions of job seekers with a single online job posting. This strategy is beneficial in that the posting reaches a large number of job seekers both locally and geographically. Whether you take advantage of free Job Posting opportunities or find a cost effective advertising board, post a job opening online and you'll have candidates locally, coast to coast and globally reviewing job postings and applying to jobs in your organization.

So if your looking for employees, post with us!  Start you job candidate search today with GoGetterCareers.com, LLC.

GoGetterCareers.com offers quality discounted advertising.  We’ve connected with some of the best companies in the industry to bring you affordable, effective job-posting services.

If your an employer seeking employees, read on.......GoGetterCareers.com realizes the importance in providing you with  with qualified job candidates for job openings within your organization.   We want you to find qualified candidates for your organization and we are here to help. 

Why Use Us:    Our pricing is based on a  flat fee structure for our postings, rather than pay per click pricing.  We feel this is a more affordable, and cost effective pricing option. 

When looking for employees it is important to really get your posting out there.  That's where GoGetterCareers comes in.  We use our own marketing model to get your postings out there. 

Creating an employer account on GoGetterCareers.com will give the employer the ability to create a company profile, post one or multiple job openings, place an ad with unlimited text, add a link to your website, manage the position description.  Our Applicant Tracking feature allows you to manage job applicants. For your convenience you can even have job candidate resumes delivered directly to a designated email address.  Visit GoGetterCareers.com, advertise with us and learn how a small investment can turn into big results!

Job Import Features: We also offer Job Import capabilities for customers to import multiple jobs at one time.  This is done using a CSV or a formateed XML file.  Our customers uploads the job file to GoGetterCareers system by choosing the completed file from their computer.  Instructions on this process is provided to our customers.

GoGetterCareers.com wants you to succeed in your job candidate search and where here to help. At GoGetterCareers.com, we offer a full range of service to both employers who are looking to fill job openings, and job seekers who are looking to find the perfect job.  If your looking for employees we'll even walk you thru creating a job ad on our site. Contact us today to see what we can do for you and your business!What was once a difficult and time consuming job posting process has evolved into a streamlined system. The outdated job posting system relying on expensive advertisements or tedious email systems has been replaced with advertising technology. It’s a much simpler process to post job opportunities and find individuals with strong career-driven backgrounds, skills, competencies and abilities. Take advantage of these valuable tools and find job candidates that are most likely to be a perfect fit for your company job posting.

How we're Different from other Job Boards:  

Organic Postings - Organic Postings are for employers looking for employees free.  Many job boards and advertising avenues offer free job posting services for your postings. What this means is that your posting appears in the "organic" listings.  Postings of this nature will appear after the paid postings more towards the end of the job feed.  This may cause you to get less applicants for your job postings.

However, it is important to note that both sponsored job postings, and organic job postings can generate job candidates. Remember more traffic and more job candidates is not always better. Finding quality job candidates is the objective.

Candidate Preparation - We also provide Interview Preparation material to prepare job candidates for job interviews. When candidates register on our site, they are sent a welcome letter that explains our services and encourages them to utilize our Interview Preparation material. This enables them to not only apply directly for job postings, but to also utilize our Career Resources, which prepare them for the interview.

Our mission is to make the interview process more efficient, provide employers with qualified candidates and prepare candidates for job interviews.  We believe that providing companies with candidates who are prepared for interviews saves companies both time and money during the hiring process. For this reason we encourage Job Candidates to utilize our Career Center. We also want candidates to be successful in their job search and become employed.

Searching for employees does not have to be a difficult process.  Find job

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Free Job Posting Sites

There are many job sites out there that are free job postings sites. While these job posting sites for employers have their benefits, they also have several drawbacks. Before you advertise your job openings on one of these sites, you should become familiar with the pros and cons so you know what to expect. We have provided a quick primer on the pros and cons of free and paid job posting sites to help you decide which is best for you! that allow employers to post a job for free

Benefits: Free job posting sites for employers allow employers to post a job for free and reach many job seekers at no cost. These sites are usually supported by advertising, either in the form of banner ads or pop-up ads. You can list your job opening when you wish, and change it or remove it at-will. There are few, if any restrictions. For a company that has a tight budget for the Human Resources department, sites that allow you to post your job opening on free job posting sites at no charge can help reach job applicants that might not have seen the ad otherwise.

Drawbacks: There are several drawbacks to sites (also referred to as free job posting boards, free job listings or free classifieds) that allow employers to post job listings at no charge. These sites rarely offer any type of customer service, and very limited Help Desk support. Since the site is free to use, a lot of scams are posted, as well as "jobs" that aren't really jobs, such as MLM (Multi-level marketingand pyramid sales "opportunities." In addition, you may be contacted by individuals who are using the site for unscrupulous purposes, or applicants that aren't suitable for your job opening.  As previously mentioned your postings will most likely be listed in the "organic" listings.

Paid Job Posting Sites

Benefits: Job sites that charge a small fee usually provide stellar customer service. They will help you write and post your ad, and assist as you accept applications and resumes from interested job seekers. You'll have more options with your ad, to include things like unlimited text, HTML capabilities and the option to add logos, graphics or photos. They also help job seekers find you and craft a proper application or resume so you don't have to weed through a lot of junk emails.

Drawbacks: The only complaint that we have heard from employers about these sites is the cost. However, the benefits far outweigh any fee you will pay for the service. While free job posting sites can have their benefits, paid job posting sites are usually your best bet.


When Looking for Employees, Rely Upon Networking Websites for Guidance

Networking websites, such as LinkedIn, are a great resource for employers looking for employees. Not only do these websites provide an employer with access to individuals who are eager and looking for employment, but they can provide valuable information to those responsible for finding qualified candidates for a particular job opening.  Using these options should help HR personnel and recruiters find employees for their organization.

Information that can be found on networking websites that can be used when looking for employees can vary from education to employment history. Some of the valuable information employers will find on networking websites may include:

  • Outline of previous employment
  • Educational background information
  • List of job skills or other technical skills
  • List of awards, certifications, and recognition an individual has received

When looking for employees to hire, employers can browse the profiles of people who have already applied for a job opening or search for potential candidates from the thousands of profiles that are shown publicly on the website. All of this information is listed and can be helpful when seeking employees who are qualified for a current job opening.

Think Outside of the Box When Looking for Employees

Many employers who are looking for employees are often set in their ways when it comes to hiring. These employers already have a general idea of who they want to hire and what type of individuals they want to interview for the particular job opening. Unfortunately, this type of thinking can lead to employers missing out on wonderful, highly qualified candidates.

When starting the job candidate search, consider thinking outside of the box when it comes to what type of individual might be qualified for a particular position. Take into consideration previous employment, but also think about personality traits and skills that may be learned through hobbies, volunteer work, and other areas outside the workplace. Personality traits  can be a crucial factor in finding the perfect candidate for your job openings. 

The process of looking for employees to hire that are qualified for a particular job opening can be overwhelming and stressful to the employer or human resources department. Luckily, keeping these tips in mind can help those responsible for conducting the interview process and those looking for employees.

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