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There are many places online that offer free places to post jobs for employers. Some of these sites are specifically for job postings, others are message boards or free websites. These sites can often bring you highly-qualified and highly-motivated job seekers that are a perfect fit for your job opening. We've put together a list of the most popular types of websites that allow you to post jobs online for free to help you get started.

Classified Advertising Web Sites

Classified Advertising web sites are beneficial for all types of postings - items for sale, apartment listings, things for free, club meetings and job postings etc. It usually takes less than five minutes to post jobs on this type of site, and in some cases the ad is completely free. There are some drawbacks of posting jobs on Classified Advertising web sites. Although you may find a lot of highly-qualified candidates on these sites, your inbox may be flooded with responses, and in some cases there have been a lot of spam and scams reported on these types of sites, so use due diligence when posting job openings here. Despite the drawbacks, Classified Advertising web sites provide a platform where employers can post jobs for Job Seekers.

Job Boards

Job Boards are another option that is a great choice for employers to post jobs that are currently open within their organization. Some Job Boards are free or you can pay extra to upgrade to a premium ad that offers more features. In some cases Job Boards charge fees which can be very expensive, so make sure you know the cost of the ad and read the fine print before making a commitment.

Company Website

Don't discount your own company's public Internet site. Set up a page on the site that features job openings and instructions on how to apply. Make sure your site is key worded properly so it will come up in search engine results when job seekers search for jobs in a chosen career field or degree area.

Social Media

Almost everyone is involved on some type of social media site, with the most popular site currently being Facebook. Create a fan page for your business and include a tab where you can post jobs and provide application information. Use your Twitter account to "tweet" about job openings and provide a link to your company website so job seekers can apply.

Department of Labor

Contact your local Workforce Development office, or other similar organization. These offices are usually run by your state's Department of Labor. They will usually allow you to post jobs on their website at no charge to you. Their mission is to help as many people in the state find work as possible, so they are always happy to hear of new job openings and help direct job seekers to you.

Professional Associations

Seek out professional associations that would be interested in your job opening. They are eager to help their members find employment, and will generally allow businesses to post related job listings on their website at no charge. It is especially helpful if you are already a member of the association. 

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