Resume Templates

Resume Templates

Resume Templates and other Resume Writing options are available that provides Job Seekers with to build a Professional Resume. Three different resume writing options are available that include:
  • Having your resume professionally written by one of our affiliate Resume Writers

There are several different types of common resume templates. Which resume type you choose depends on what information you want to share with prospective employers, and how you want to arrange it. The most common resume type is the chronological resume, but functional and combination resumes are also popular. There are definite positives and negatives to each type.

* Chronological Resume:
Chronological resume templates list your experience and education in chronological order, beginning with the most recent items first. This helps the hiring official get a handle on the experiences and education you have, and how recent each item is. However, it doesn't allow you to group similar experiences or classes together, so it may be difficult for the HR professional to get a handle on the breadth of your experience and education.

* Functional Resume: Functional resume templates list your most relevant experience, education and skills and groups them together. This is great for individuals who have a spotty work history, or have taken periods of time away from work to focus on other things. However, many HR professionals will want a chronological picture of your work history and education, and this type of resume will be difficult for them to pore through for relevant information.

* Combination Resume: Combination resume templates combine features from the chronological and functional resumes to group like items. This type of resume lists your education and skills first in chronological order. Then your work history is listed in chronological order. While this separates the two categories and may sound complicated, it may actually be the best resume format, as it allows the hiring official to understand both your work history and your education history in two separate chunks, and is less difficult to read.

At, we offer resume templates and other resume services to assist job seekers in creating a professional resume. You can choose from four different resume options: Using our customized samples templates, writing your resume from a Microsoft resume template, using the resume builder provided on our site, or having your resume professionally written by one of our affiliate Resume Writers. We can also provide you with samples to help you decide what format will work best for you and the jobs you would like to apply for.

Whatever option you choose, you should choose a template, design, or resume writer that will give you the upper edge and grab the attention of the employer. Keep in mind that the options we provide will give you the opportunity to showcase your abilities and include your skills, experience, education and other valuable information that can play a role in getting you hired by employers. Contact us today and see what we can do for you!
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