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Online Video Interviewing for Job Candidates

Video interviewing and recruitment technology is a cutting edge way for Employers to get to know you earlier in the hiring cycle. We want to make sure you are not only prepared to interview with employers and recruiters using video but we want you to be comfortable with the process as well.

We are happy to give you the opportunity to not only practice answering 5 of the most often asked interview questions but to also create your own 60 second personal introduction. Share your video links on your resumes, applications and social networks as well as with hiring managers and recruiters. Give yourself the opportunity to shine with video and get in front of employers before other candidates do using our Interview4.me technology!

Job Candidates: Benefits of Utilizing Hire Intelligence Video Interview Software

Completing Video Interviews for Employers:

Hire-Intelligence Video Interview Software makes it easy to complete the face-to-face portion of the video interview process. This allows the company to get to know you at a time that fits into your schedule. This also eliminates stress over scheduling conflicts, so you can relax and put your best face forward. While it's important to stay professional, remember to have fun with the video interview process and let your personality shine through so we can get to know you.

You don't need expensive equipment to complete your video interview. A computer with high-speed Internet access and a webcam with a microphone are all you need. If you don't have these items, they can be obtained inexpensively at your local electronics store. You can even use your mobile device if that's easier Once you are ready, simply log in with the information provided to you, and our system will walk you through the set up and interview process. Your login information does have an expiration date, so go ahead and get started. Don't worry, once you receive your video interview invitation this process and what you need will be explained to you again!

Practicing Interviewing and Creating Personal Video Introductions:

Online video interviews can assist you with the job interview process and help you land a job that suits your experience and needs.

Interview4.ME Tool Options:

  • Enables job candiates to answer practice interview questions. If you select the option to practice, you will see that there is a screen that displays video interview questions.

  • Provides job candidates with the ability to create an introductory video - we encourage you to share your introduction with whom and wherever you think an appropriate venue for getting the real you noticed!

Once you create an account and login, you will see that we also provide you with tips for video interviews.

Landing a job has never been easier. Hire Intelligence takes the stress out of the interview process so you can concentrate on the most important aspects of the hiring process. A paper resume only tells part of your story. Let your video interview tell your employer what you're all about, so you can land the job that is right for you!

Try our software and enjoy the benefits of online video interviewing for job applicants.

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