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The Job Bank series of books listed below is an indispensible resource for Job Seekers, Recruiters and Businesses who are interested in contacting companies that are located in a specific geographical area. This resource includes company names, contact information, descriptions of the company’s products and services, and relevant hiring information that are of value to job seekers, recruiters and businesses.

Helpful Hint: Editorial, Customer Reviews and Product Details are available for most books listed on After clicking on the links below, scroll down the page and you will find the aformentioned information on these books.

The Atlanta Job Bank (Atlanta Jobbank)

The Austin/San Antonio Jobbank: Includes: Abilene, Amarillo, Corpus Christi, El Paso, Lubbock, and many others : The job Hunter's Guide to Southern and Western Texas

The Boston Jobbank

The Carolina Jobbank

The Chicago Jobbank

The Colorado Jobbank

The Dallas-Fort Worth Jobbank

The Florida Jobbank

The Houston Job Bank (Houston Jobbank)

The Indiana JobBank (Adams JobBank)

The Los Angeles Jobbank

The Missouri Jobbank

The New Jersey JobBank

The Metropolitan New York Jobbank (Metro New York Jobbank)

The Ohio JobBank

The Greater Philadelphia Jobbank

The Phoenix Jobbank

The Portland Jobbank

The Seattle Jobbank (Jobbank Series)

The San Francisco Bay Area JobBank

The Virginia Jobbank

The Metropolitan Washington DC Jobbank: Includes Maryland and Northern Virginia

National JobBank 2009: The Complete Employment Guide to Over 20,000 American Companies

The National Job Bank, 2011 (CD): The Complete Employment Guide to 20,000 American Companies (National Jobbank)