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Interview4.ME for Job Candidates

  • Interview Skills Training - Free

Practice and record top 5 interview questions

  • 60-Second Introduction Video – Free

Create an elevator speech, highlighting your strengths and why an employer should hire you.

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Interview4 for Employers

Two Options of Service for Businesses:

  • Virtual One-Way Interview (Interview As You Go:) 5 Question, Free Form Virtual Interviews - $12.00

How It Works: Candidate includes a link on their resume to their 60 second introductory video.   When an employer reviews the candidates resume and the interview, there is an option that says"Conduct a Virtual Interview".  If this option is selected,  the employer is provided with the option to  create a free account and create  5 interview questions and request that job candidate answer the questions.  Questions can be related to the job, working environment or skills. The next step is to send an Interview4 invitation to the candidate you would like to interview.  Once the candidate accepts the request to take the interview you will be charged $12.  After the job candidate has completed the interview, the employer will receive a notification via email.  The employer will also receive their account information via email.

The  Virtual One-Way Interview (Interview As You Go) option is only offered as a virtual one-way: Virtual One-Way Interview: Candidates do not see the questions beforehand.

Three Types of Video Interviewing Techniques Available:

Virtual One-Way Interview:  Candidates do not see the questions beforehand. This would be the “Interview As You Go” option

Virtual One-Way Showcase:  Candidates receive questions in advance.

Availability - Full Service Video Interviewing Only

Live Two-Way Interview:  Interview candidates in real time. Interview4 will also record the interview

Availability - Full Service Video Interviewing Only

  • Full Service Video Interviewing - Additional Benefits Include the Following:

Create custom question sets

Create email templates

Ability to track usage

Ability to score candidates

Comment and rate candidates

Collaborate with your clients and hiring managers

Keep track of all of your candidates in one site

Custom branding of employers site to look like yours or integrate with your ATS available


For more information and pricing on this service please call 1-800-385-1995 and tell them you are a client.  You may also complete the form below and you will be contacted by our Sales Team.