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Attend Continuing Education Courses and Learn Valuable Skills That Will Land Jobs

Learn additional computer skills that will improve your chances of landing a specific job by attending several continuing education courses offered through ed2go. Learn how to navigate and use a number of essential computer programs including Access, Excel, and PowerPoint by taking one of the many Microsoft Office training courses offered at ed2go.

Why Attend Continuing Education Courses

There are a number of reasons why all types of people, from career professionals looking to change jobs to students looking to break into the workforce, choose to attend classes offered by ed2go. Benefits of attending continuing education courses offered by ed2go include:
  • Courses offered by certified and knowledgeable instructors
  • Ability to learn valuable skills in the comfort of your own home
  • Complete online courses offer ability to learn and attend certification programs on a flexible schedule – ideal for students, full-time employees, and those with families
  • Affordable tuition
  • Multiple courses in varying levels of difficulty – for example, PowerPoint training, Access training, Excel training, and Outlook training courses
  • Ability to attend certificate programs that give credentials potential employers will recognize

Learn Valuable Computer Skills Through Continuing Education Courses

Continuing education courses are available at ed2go for students of all computer skill levels. Introduction courses provide beginners with the basic training and understanding they need to use popular computer programs, such as Outlook, Excel, and Access. Intermediate and advanced courses are available for Access and Excel, and provide students with a deeper understanding of how to use the programs. Some of the specific skills you will learn by attended courses and certification programs at ed2go include:
  • Microsoft Outlook Training – learn the basics of e-mailing, what security settings provide maximum protection, how to organize contacts, and how to effortlessly integrate this program into any workplace.
  • Microsoft Excel Training – learn how to create spreadsheets and worksheets with this program, discover tips and tricks that will allow you to link between files, build 3D workbooks, and analyze data faster.
  • Microsoft Access Training – learn how to create colorful, useful tables and graphs that are ideal for use in presentations and projects. Tables and graphs can be created using data obtained and found in other programs.
  • Microsoft PowerPoint Training – Learn how to create amazing presentations for the workplace or personal use. Learn how to take personal photos and create a virtual photo album or take important information and make it an attention-grabbing presentation. PowerPoint presentations can be used to present information, present photos, and reinforce points during a presentation.
  • Microsoft Office Training – Learn the basics or obtain training in some of the more advanced features of Microsoft Office. Learn how to use PowerPoint, Excel, Word, Access, and Outlook. The information provided in this course is not as in-depth as courses for specific programs, but will provide enough to get an understanding of how to use all Microsoft Office programs on a basic level.
Learn the computer skills you need to make your resume stand out or earn a specific job by attending courses offered by ed2go. These continuing education courses will provide you with the computer skills and knowledge to make you stand out from the crowd and potentially land the job of your dreams. Whether you are looking to brush up on your existing skills or learn new skills, Ed2Go has a class for you. In addition to Microsoft Office Training, many other courses are offered through Ed2Go's continuing education programs.

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