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Interview Coaching Learn valuable skills that will help improve your chances of receiving an offer for a job or internship by taking part in several interview coaching sessions. Live Personal Interview training is available by phone, Skype, or by group coaching.   You will learn interview strategies that take basic interviewing skills and turn them into exceptional interviewing skills!

Carole Martin, the Interview Coach, will connect you with a personal interview coach or to other valuable teaching tools that will improve your chances of landing a job. The skills learned will range from how to be prepared for any question an employer might ask you, to how to highlight and sell your work experience, background and accomplishments. These coaching sessions teach valuable interview skills that will help you appear confident, professional and prepared during any job or internship interview.     

Digital and online options are also available. This service is provided by experts in the field of interviewing and training is available by purchasing the books and 3 DVD's. These coaches will prepare you  for the job interview and will teach you effective interview skills that will improve your current job interviewing skills.  

The Valuable Skills Job Seekers Will Learn From an Interview Coach

The ultimate goal of interview training is to make sure you enter any job interview fully prepared to face whatever situation with professionalism and confidence. Preparing for an interview involves attending an interview coaching session that will help you learn some of these valuable skills:
  • How to avoid appearing nervous or jittery during a job interview by eliminating stress
  • How to answer questions confidently without appearing scripted or rehearsed
  • The different types of questions interviewers will ask and how job applicants are expected to answer those questions
  • How to highlight personal strengths and weaknesses
  • How to apply personal experiences, work history and skills to the job you're seeking
Carole Martin, the Interview Coach, can help you learn all of the above, so that you're ready to go after your career.

Live Interview Coaching Product Options Include:

  • Personalized phone coaching
  • In-Person coaching sessions
  • Online coaching sessions
These interview coaching sessions provide job seekers who are preparing for an interview with the opportunity to receive personalized feedback on how they can improve their chances of landing a job or internship offer. In addition to personalized feedback, an interview coach will help create a personalized strategy that will help you navigate through those tough questions employers ask – and potentially land the job of your dreams. Attending an interview coaching seminar can be difficult to attend for those on a busy schedule. If time is a concern, there are a number of interview coaching products that are readily available as a do-it-yourself model. You'll learn the same skills, but in the comfort of your own home and on your own schedule. There are a number of books and audio programs that will help you prepare for your interview.

Digital and Online Interview Coaching Products:

  • The Interview System – a combination of books, training materials, and audio files that will help improve interview. Books included in this system include Interview Fitness Training, Perfect Phrases for the Perfect Interview, and Boost Your Interview IQ. Over 2 hours of audio files provide tips and advice for how to improve interview skills. This system also addresses coaching interview questions and will teach you how to respond to the 10 most difficult interview questions.
  • Instant Interview Coach – a quick, yet complete interview training program. Package includes audio coaching from Carole Martin, a training manual, and 3 audio files that provide tips and advice that will help you ace your job interviews.
  • FBI Phase II Test Interview Package – provides comprehensive training on how to prepare for the FBI's rigorous interview process. Three kits are available – self preparation, single session, and deluxe. Single session and deluxe kits include a personal coaching session and personalized feedback that will improve job interview skills.

Interview Coaching is Provided by a Qualified and Experienced Interview Coach

Carole Martin has created and developed the interview coaching and training sessions that will teach the valuable skills you need. Carole Martin has two decades worth of experience interviewing candidates for a number of positions across many industries. This HR experience has provided her with valuable insight into what works and what doesn't work during interviews.

Carole Martin's other qualifications include:
  • A Master's degree in Career Counseling from John F. Kennedy University
  • Experience as an Interview Expert with
  • Over 20 years of HR/staffing experience for companies from Fortune 500s to start-ups
Learn everything you need to know to enter any interview feeling prepared and confident with the help of interview coaching from Carole Martin, the Interview Coach. 

For more information on the Complete Interview Coach Program or Live Personal Interview Training, click on the link below.  

The Complete Interview Coach Program

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